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Loss Prevention Bulletin Vol.40 CASE STUDY "Collision", "Engine Trouble" and "Oil Spill Accident"

| by:ロスプリベンション推進部編集用
Vol. 40
September 2017
To the Members 
"Collision", "Engine Trouble" and "Oil Spill Accident"

We are pleased to enclose “P&I Loss Prevention Bulletin Vol.40” (in both English and Japanese)  for your guidance. 

In this Bulletin “Case Study”, referring real incidents that incurred “Collision”, “Engine Troubles” and “Oil Spill Accident”, we explain causes of the accident and preventive measures in detail.
We should be much obliged if this Bulletin will be read by all crew members and be of assistance to you in reducing the number of incidents. Light version of the Bulletin is also available for sending to vessels.

We are sending our Bulletins to the Members and Entered ships. In the case of not being delivered by early October, or if you have inquiries or request for more copies of the bulletin, please feel free to contact Loss Prevention and Ship Inspection Department.  
Yours faithfully,
Light Version*:
[English]       Light Version Vol.40 English.Part1.pdf (File size: 454KB)
                     Light Version Vol.40 English.Part2.pdf (File size: 492KB)
                     Light Version Vol.40 English.Part3.pdf (File size: 312KB)
[Japanese]    Light Version Vol.40 Japanese.Part1.pdf (File size: 480KB)
                      Light Version Vol.40 Japanese.Part2.pdf (File size: 359KB)
                      Light Version Vol.40 Japanese.Part3.pdf  (FIle size: 213KB)

 * Light version may not be displayed correctly depending on the settings of your computer.

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