Recent Navigation Warnings of China Waters No.111

11 January 2022 No.1144

We have obtained the recent navigation warnings of the China Waters issued by China MSA. Please see the following the free translations by the law firm in Shanghai, China, Sloma & Co.



  1. Integral Salvage of Shipwrecks of “Yuan Da 918”

(MSA Translation)

MHSXH (2021) No. 68

China MSA 15 December 2021

  1. Work duration: 16 December 2021 – 31 January 2022.
  2. Work site: sea area due southeast of Xiamen Island, the safe operation zone is bounded by following coordinates:

    A) 24°18′31.68″N,118°21′45.14″E;

    B) 24°18′02.16″N,118°21′57.78″E;

    C) 24°17′49.56″N,118°21′26.76″E;

    D) 24°18′19.32″N,118°21′12.89″E.

  3. Workboat: “Zheng Li 1”, “Lian He Zheng Li”.
  4. Work content: salvage of shipwrecks
  5. Cautions:
    1. The workboats should display lights and shape as regulated, keep watch on VHF08, strengthen duty and lookout and be ready to take safety measures at any time. Irrelevant vessels and offshore facilities are forbidden to enter the safe operation zone.
    2. Passing vessels should pay attention to the movements of workboats, keep safe distance with the workboats and pass-by slowly. The passing vessels should contact the workboats in advance for any necessary avoidance, if needed. (contact number: 15059120701).

  1. Announcement on the Newly-added Virtual Wreck AIS Navigation Mark in Suizhong Sea Area of Hulu Island

(Sloma Translation)

LHT (2021) No.278

China MSA 10 December 2021


Relevant units and vessels:
As of today, a Virtual Wreck AIS Navigation Mark will be newly set in Suizhong Sea area, details of which are as follows:

No. Chinese Name English Name Location
MMSI Type of Use Launch
Broadcast Interval Remark
1 鸿源海5号
994136204 Emergency Wreck Position Indicating Beacon Autonomous
3 minutes Newly-established

  1. Notice of Post-processing Service Operation in Abnormal Area of Submarine Cables in Oil Field of Caofeidian

(MSA Translation)

JHT (2021) No. 113

China MSA 13 December 2021


  1. Work duration: 15 December – 15 February 2022;
  2. Work mode: Post-processing service operation in abnormal area of submarine cables in oil field of Caofeidian
  3. Work site:

    A) Water area centered by 38°42′47.48″ N, 118°40′57.73″ E, with a radius of 500m;

    B) Water area centered by 38°44′21.06″ N, 118°40′43.00″ E, with a radius of 500m;

    C) Water area centered by 38°43′50.68″ N, 118°49′01.28″ E, with a radius of 500m;

    D) Water area centered by 38°43′35.99″ N, 118°50′29.97″ E, with a radius of 500m.

  4. Work boat: “Hai Yang Shi You 791”;
  5. Signal: Dive flag
  6. Cautions: The workboat should keep watch on VHF67, strengthen lookout, pay attention to the movements of the passing vessels and contact the passing vessels in advance; the passing vessels should avoid the work site in operation.



  1. Notice of Drilling Operation on Well “LS32-1-1” by “Hai Yang Shi You”

(Sloma Translation)

QSYHT (2021) No.53

China MSA 15 December 2021


  1. Work Duration: 16 December 2021 – 30 April 2022.
  2. Related Vessels:

    Drilling platform: “Hai Yang Shi You 982”;

    Guard ship: “De Jia”, “HAI YANG SHI YOU 661”.

  3. Safe Operation Zone: Circular waters centered by 17°05′28.70″N,110°09′44.53″E, with a radius of 1nm.
  4. Work Mode: Offshore drilling operation.
  5. Cautions:
    1. Workboats should display signal as regulated. During the nighttime, there will be flashing lights around the workboats and red flashing lights set at the top of the derrick.
    2. Workboats could be contacted through VHF16/VHF8.
    3. Passing vessels should strengthen lookout, pay attention to the avoidance, avoid crossing the safe operation zone for the safety matters.
    4. It won’t be further notified if the operation is completed in advance.



Please be advised that all the above navigation warnings were the important pieces selected from the official website of MSA China or that of other local MSAs. Sloma shall not be liable for the veracity of the above navigation warnings or the accuracy of their English and Japanese translations. Neither shall Sloma be liable for any person’s/party’s possible losses/damage which may result from relying upon the above navigation warnings.


Junmao Jiang

Sloma & Co.

27 December 2021