About Japan P&I Club

Corporate Governance

We, the Association keep following Charter of Conduct as fundamental principles of behaveior.

JAPAN P&I CLUB, THE JAPAN SHIP OWNER’S MUTUAL PROTECTION & INDEMNITY ASSOCIAION (hereinafter referred to as the Association) recognizes social roles of damage insurance, our highly public merchandize, respecting members’ reliance as origin of all activities, shall keep objectives of a socially valuable mutual insurance association.

Upon above firm understanding, we, the Association hereby rule and conduct ourselves in accordance with following fundamental principles of behavior.

1. The attitude for Members
  • The Association shall keep fair and same attitude for all Members.
  • The Association shall offer best efforts for proper gathering of Members’ needs/demands and shall serve right and clear explanation regarding contents or important subjects of relevant insurance contract.
  • The Association, in the event of happening incident, shall offer fair and right claim handling services in consideration of all related parties.
  • The Association shall handle any information of Member(s) in full security and shall never use same for any purpose or utility other than permitted.
  • The Association shall conduct proper disclosure, and shall offer best efforts to keep highly transparent operation and management.
2. The attitude for business partners except Members
  • The Association shall keep sound engagement with business partners and shall collaborate to mutually perform social responsibility.
  • The Association shall never conduct any unfair deal abusing superior situation in the business.
3. The attitude for the society or the politic
  • The Association shall comply with all relating laws and regulation, and shall never contravene all available social norms while conducting fair and right operation andmanagement.
  • The Association shall keep resolute attitude in front of anti-social forces or organizations and shall never compromise with their unfair or malignant demand.
  • The Association shall acquire fair and sound relationship with both local community and international society.
  • The Association shall recognize importance of global environment and conduct best effort for its preservation and improvement.
  • The Association shall consistently respect not only Members’, directors and employees but all human fundamental rights and shall never tolerate any discrimination or violation of human right quoting reason such as sex, age, job, nationality, race, policy, religion, social class/position.
  • The Association shall never tolerate any form of slavery and human trafficking nor any harsh or inhumane labor practice or treatment.
4. The attitude for directors and employees
  • The Association shall respect human right, personality and etc and perform fair and right personnel.
  • The Association shall never tolerate any harassment such as sexual, power, or etc, and offer best effort for prevention of ocurrence. In the event of happening incident, even rare case, upon quickest investigation, the Association shall certainly perform suitable action for remedy of suffered person and for preventing recurrence.