Loss Prevention

Condition Surveys

Survey Criteria

  1. Pre-entry surveys: All vessels – 10 years old and over, however also;
    Any chemical tankers etc.[1] – 5 years old and over

  2. Entered vessels: All vessels – at 15 years old, however also;
    1. Any vessels suffering two or more similar accidents due to un-seaworthiness
    2. Any chemical tankers etc.[1] – at 5 years old
    3. Any reefer vessels [2]– at 10 years old
    4. Any tankers which have carried Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) as cargo within the last 12 months
      –  10 years old and over; unless;
      • the vessel has undergone our Condition Survey within the last 12 months; or
      • the vessel has undergone a special survey by a Classification Society within the last 6 months; or
      • the vessel has a current CAP 1 or CAP 2 rating issued by an IACS classification society.
  3. Re-inspection
    1. All vessels surveyed under (1) and (2): Every 5 years
    2. Vessels entered at 20 years old and over: Every 2 years
    3. In case of the Fleet or Ship Management Company changed

      1. chemical tanker with coated tanks, methanol tanker, product tanker, sulphuric acid tanker, molasses tanker, clean tanker, ore/chemical carrier
      2. reefer, cold-storage/oil carrier


  1. One or two surveyors of the Association’s designated organisation will conduct a Condition Survey in accordance with the Association’s requirements, focusing on: certificates/ documentation; maintenance; navigation plans; lifesaving appliances; fire control plans; seaworthiness; cargo-worthiness and; other aspects depending on the vessels’ types and their special characteristics. A Condition Survey takes between half a day and 2 days at most without causing any delays to the vessel. Our requirements include a weather-tightness test for hatch covers, and the internal inspection of cargo holds/tanks; therefore, it is impossible to accomplish them all without the presence of crew. Upon completion of the survey, the surveyor will brief the Master on recommendations, if necessary.

  2. In addition to our criteria stated above, we carry out surveys on vessels suffering claims which may have been caused by a lack of seaworthiness, in order to seek the causes of the claims.

  3. It is our intention to carry out the Condition Survey prior to entry with the Association. If this cannot be achieved, we shall carry out the Condition Survey within 30 days of the date of the entry.

Condition Survey Forms for Each Type of Vessel

Condition Survey Forms for P&I entries, including Surveyor’s instructions, have been prepared by the International Group of P&I Clubs.