About Japan P&I Club


Management Philosophy

The mission of the Association is threefold: to protect the interests of our Members, to promote the sound development of the Association, and to contribute to a more secure and stable management of the shipping and related maritime industry by providing shipowners’ liability insurance to our Members.

Mid-Term Business Objectives(2018 – 2023)

We aim to recover a significant share of the domestic market and increase the number of entries in overseas markets by 2023. We set out here what we are doing to achieve these goals.

Working from Members’ Perspectives

We believe that our mission is to satisfy our Members’ needs.
We ensure that all our staff deal with Members from Members’ point of view, understanding their needs and what they expect from us.

Improving Service Quality

We are here to help our Members when they are in trouble.
We are improving our service quality to be a Club that Members can rely on even more.
We are reviewing our systems including claims handling, information provision, consultation and loss prevention activities, to better meet members’ needs and expectations.

Gaining the Support and Trust of Members

The trust and support of Members are essential to us.
We will respond promptly to the needs of our Members and strive to earn their further trust and support by providing high quality insurance services.

Overseas Strategy and Business Development

As the only Club based in Asia which is a member of the International Group of P&I Clubs, we would like to establish our stable position not only in Japan but in other Asian countries as well.
We will develop sales activities to increase the number of high quality entries from overseas, under a strategy suitable for each country and region and based on risk analysis.
Both the Tokyo principal office and our Singapore branch will take this initiative.