Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The Japan Ship Owners’ Mutual Protection & Indemnity Association and its subsidiary, Japan P&I Club (UK) Services Ltd. (The Association) fully recognises the importance of protecting personal information. Based on this recognition, we will comply with Act on the Protection of Personal Information of Japan, EU General Data Protection Regulation and the Ordinances related thereto (the “Laws”), and we are committed to protecting personal information that we have acquired.

We take measures to safely manage and protect the personal information provided in accordance with the Laws in order to prevent it from being lost, damaged, altered, leaked and illegally accessed, and we will keep improving this policy as necessary.

  1. Purposes of processing personal data

    In order for the Association to conduct business and fulfil its legal, regulatory and contractual obligations, it needs to perform legitimate and fundamental processing.

    The Association may maintain personal data for:

    • members, its related parties, and other clients
    • suppliers
    • professional advisers and consultants
    • enquirers, complainants
    • claimants
    • seminar applicants/participants, web magazine subscribers and other service requirers
    • job applicants

    The purposes of processing personal data are :

    1. To examine and underwrite before undertaking, and to perform and manage the insurance contract
    2. To survey insurance claims (including inquiry to related parties)
    3. To judge and arrange payment of insurance premium etc.
    4. To inform and provide various additional services
    5. To provide and send various publications and information such as annual report and loss prevention bulletins, etc (including delivering web magazines).
    6. To provide ID and password for log in to Member’s Pages.
    7. To respond to various inquiries
    8. To provide information of seminars, etc. and to receive its application
    9. To collect various information by questionnaires, etc.
    10. To receive and respond application for employment to the Association
    11. To provide to external service providers to the extent necessary to operate business of the Association.
    12. To comply with legal and regulatory obligations
    In case there are other purposes than the above mentioned items, we will notify the subject of the information of the purposes of using their personal information.
  2. Recipients of the personal data

    The Association may need to share personal data with the following third parties in order to conduct its business operation;

    • Agents and brokers
    • Business associates, other professional bodies, advisers
    • Claims investigators
    • Courts and tribunals
    • Governmental and regulatory authorities
    • Law enforcement and prosecuting authorities
    • Healthcare professionals, social and welfare organisations
    • Claimants, beneficiaries, assignees and payees
    • Credit reference, debt collection and tracing agencies
    • Data processors
    • Family, associates and representatives of the person whose personal data we are processing
    • Financial organisations
    • Recruitment agencies
    • Services providers
  3. Transferring personal data

    Your personal data collected by the Association may be stored and processed in Japan, the United Kingdom or any other country in which the Association or associated third parties maintain facilities.

    Should the Association needs to transfer your personal data, Association will take all reasonable measures to safeguard the transfer of your personal data to third parties in a manner that complies with the Laws.

  4. We will respond by due compliance with the Laws whenever a subject of information requests to disclose, correct, delete or stop using their personal information.

  5. For request of disclosure, correction, deletion, stop using and other treatment of personal information, inquiries and complaints, please contact to the following;

    <Data Controller>
    The Japan Ship Owners’ Mutual Protection & Indemnity Association
    Planning Department

    <Data Protection Officer>
    Masahide Inde, General Manager of Planning Department
    15th Floor, ARK Hills Front Tower, 2-23-1, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052, JAPAN
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