Recent Navigation Warnings of China Waters No.115

10 May 2022 No.1169

We have obtained the recent navigation warnings of the China Waters issued by China MSA. Please see the following the free translations by the law firm in Shanghai, China, Sloma & Co.




  1. Announcement on 2022 Geophysical Prospecting Acquisition Project in 3d Seismic Acquisition Work Area by Towed Streamer in Bozhong Low Salient
  2. (MSA Translation)

    JHT (2022) No. 18

    China MSA 20 April 2022

    1. Work duration: 20 April 2022 – 30 October 2022, round-the-clock operation.
    2. Work content: 2022 Geophysical Prospecting Acquisition Project in 3d Seismic Acquisition Work Area by Towed Streamer in Bozhong Low Salient.
    3. Work site: trap area bounded by following A to D:
      1. 38°45′19.937″N / 119°11′45.751″E;
      2. 38°51′35.158″N / 119°33′53.611″E;
      3. 38°30′09.180″N / 119°44′30.181″E;
      4. 38°30′15.779″N / 119°18′58.680″E.
    4. Work boat: “Hai Yang Shi you 718”
    5. Signals: The workboat will hang shapes of “Ball-Diamond-Ball” and towing flag at day and display lights of “Red-White-Red” at night. When conducting the geophysical survey line operation, the workboat will hang trailer label at the rear, which is displayed as red floater at day and will turn on strobe light at night.
    6. Cautions:

      The workboat should contact the passing vessels via VHF16 and coordinate the avoidance matters with the passing vessels, keep watch on VHF71 of VTS, pay attention to the movements of the passing vessels at any time and contact the passing vessels in advance. The passing vessels should avoid the work site.

    1. Detailed Reconnaissance Operation in Engineering Site of W1 Wellblock Development Project of Jinzhou 15-1 Oil Field

    (Sloma Translation)

    LHT (2022) No.62

    China MSA 12 April 2022


    1. Work duration: 12 April 2022 – 30 May 2022.
    2. Work site and safe operation zone: enclosed area bounded by the following 4 points in order:
      1. 40°21.8′N / 121°01.9′E;
      2. 40°21.8′N / 121°03.0′E;
      3. 40°21.0′N / 121°03.0′E;
      4. 40°21.0′N / 121°01.9′E.
    3. Work unit: China Oilfield Services Limited.
    4. Work boat: “Hai Yang Shi you 707”, “Hua Dong Yuan 306” and “Zhe Hua Tuo 7”.
    5. Cautions:
      1. The workboats should exhibit and display lights and shapes as regulated, strengthen lookout, keep watch on VHF and keep contact with the passing vessels;
      2. The work unit should arrange special guardships, implement the on-site security works to ensure the safety;
      3. The work unit should implement relevant anti-pollution measures to prevent pollution to the marine envinronment;
      4. The work unit should report the construction progress and schedule to the maritime department on time;
      5. The work unit should pay attention to receiving weather information; the operation should be suspended timely in case of bad weather and the workboats should return to harbor to take shelter;
      6. The workboats should be seaworthy and the crew onboard should be competent;
      7. The vessels engaged in the operation should only operate in the approved safe operation zone and implement maritime traffic safety management measures;
      8. Irrelevant vessels and offshore facilities are forbidden to enter into the safe operation zone.

    1. Route Measurement Operation of Φ273 Submarine Pipeline (Ningbo Section) of Hangzhou Bay

    (Sloma Translation)

    YHT (2022) No.135

    China MSA 22 April 2022

    1. Work duration: 1 May 2022 – 30 May 2022, operation from LT0900 to LT1700.
    2. Work site: waters within a range of 100 meters from both sides of the center line bounded by the following three points (CGS2000):
      1. 30°18′39.1″N / 121°26′30.7″E;
      2. 30°19′36.8″N / 121°26′55.0″E;
      3. 30°22′33.9″N / 121°23′58.9″E.
    3. Work mode: The survey vessel, “He Hai Ce No.1” will conduct route measuring operation on the submarine pipelines in the above work site.
    4. Cautions:
      1. The workboat should display lights and shapes as regulated in obvious places and keep watch on VHF16.
      2. The operation should be suspended and the workboat should evacuate timely in case of bad weather such as gale and heavy fog.
      3. Passing vessels should strengthen lookout and contact, keep a safe distance with the workboat and pass-by slowly.

    1. 2D Seismic Date Acquisition Project in Yangchun Depression by “Hai Yang Shi You 760”

    (Sloma Translation)

    YHT (2022) No.52

    China MSA 26 April 2022

    1. Work duration: 28 April 2022 – 28 June 2022.
    2. Work site:

      Waters bounded by the following 4 points:

      1. 20°17′03.62″N / 113°06′16.18″E;
      2. 20°50′32.69″N / 112°44′44.24″E;
      3. 20°34′16.97″N / 112°15′57.62″E;
      4. 20°00′06.83″N / 112°37′00.57″E.
    3. Workboat: “Hai Yang Shi You 760”.
    4. Cautions:
      1. During the operation, the workboat should tow a solid cable in a length of about 6000m whose sinking depth is 8m with a yellow tailbuoy at the tail flashing white light at night in an interval of three seconds; the navigation speed is about 3.6 knots.
      2. The workboat should display regulated lights and shapes in obvious places and keep AIS on normaly.
      3. The workboat should strengthen lookout on VHF16 and contact the passing vessels timely.
      4. The passing vessels should strengthen lookout, pay attention to the avoidance and are forbidden to pass through the cables.
      5. The Navigation Warning and Notice to Marines [YHT (2022) No.38] is annulled.



    Please be advised that all the above navigation warnings were the important pieces selected from the official website of MSA China or that of other local MSAs. Sloma shall not be liable for the veracity of the above navigation warnings or the accuracy of their English and Japanese translations. Neither shall Sloma be liable for any person’s/party’s possible losses/damage which may result from relying upon the above navigation warnings.


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