Recent Navigation Warnings of China Waters No.112

4 February 2022 No.1146

We have obtained the recent navigation warnings of the China Waters issued by China MSA. Please see the following the free translations by the law firm in Shanghai, China, Sloma & Co.




  1. Announcement on AIS Virtual Navigation Mark of the Pipeline in Platform “Kenli 3-2” in Dongying

(MSA Translation)

LHT (2022) No.9

China MSA 9 January 2022

  1. Work Unit: CNOOC Information Technology Co., Ltd
  2. Work Content: Newly-established AIS Virtual Navigation Mark:

    A) Kenli 3-2 Pipeline 1#: 37°58′11.6″N119°26′41.2″E;

    B) Kenli 3-2 Pipeline 2#: 37°58′47.9″N119°25′33.3″E;

    C) Kenli 3-2 Pipeline 3#: 37°59′24.1″N119°24′25.3″E;

    D) Kenli 3-2 Pipeline 4#: 38°0′0.4″N119°23′17.4″E;

    E) Kenli 3-2 Pipeline 5#: 38°0′36.8″N119°22′9.4″E;

    F) Kenli 3-2 Pipeline 6#: 38°1′13.1″N119°21′1.5″E;

    G) Kenli 3-2 Pipeline 7#: 38°1′49.4″N119°19′53.5″E;

    H) Kenli 3-2 Pipeline 8#: 38°2′25.7″N119°18′45.6″E.

  1. Drilling Operation on Well “WC8-3N-2d” by Drilling Platform “Nan Hai No.7”

(Sloma Translation)

YHT (2022) No.7

China MSA 25 January 2022


  1. Work Duration: 26 January 2022 – 26 March 2022.
  2. Work Site: Waters centered by Well “WC8-3N-2d” (19°48′54.15″N 112°13′24.23″E), with a radius of 1nm.
  3. Workboats: Drilling Platform “Nan Hai No.7”, “Hai Yang Shi You 685” and “Kan Tan 225”.
  4. Cautions:
    1. The workboats should display regulated lights and shapes.
    2. The workboats should keep watch on VHF CH16/CH08.
    3. Passing vessels should strengthen lookout and pay attention to the avoidance.


  1. Fault repair operation of TGN-IA Seg9

(Sloma Translation)

YHT (2022) No.5

China MSA 21 January 2022


  1. Work duration: 26 January 2022 – 26 February 2022.
  2. Work site: Water areas bounded by the following 8 points:

    A) 21°42.6307′N 114°45.3398′E;

    B) 21°43.7005′N 114°47.7782′E;

    C) 21°37.7338′N 114°47.5250′E;

    D) 21°35.2422′N 114°48.1940′E;

    E) 21°12.7152′N 114°55.6510′E;

    F) 21°12.1447′N 114°53.4709′E;

    G) 21°35.0164′N 114°45.6860′E;

    H) 21°37.5410′N 114°45.2684′E.

  3. Workboat: M/V “RESOLUTE”.
  4. Cautions:
    1. The workboat should display regulated lights and shapes in obvious places and keep watch on VHF CH16.
    2. Passing vessels should strengthen lookout and pass by slowly away from the work site in a distance of more than 1000 meters.


  1. 3D Seismic Acquisition Project by “Hai Yang Shi You” in Block 34 in Huizhou

(Sloma Translation)

YHT (2022) No.3

China MSA 17 January 2022


  1. Work duration: 20 January 2022 – 20 April 2022
  2. Work site: sea area bounded by the following 4 points:

    A) 20°50′47″N 115°14′33″E;

    B) 21°26′01″N 115°26′11″E;

    C) 21°18′24″N 115°48′24″E;

    D) 20°42′29″N 115°36′56″E

  3. Work boat: “Hai Yang Shi You 721”.
  4. Cautions:
    1. During the operation, the workboat will tow 10 solid cables whose length is about 8100m with sinking depth of 8m. There is an orange red still tail buoy at the tail of each cable which will flash white light at night. The navigation speed is about 4.3 knots.
    2. The workboat will display regulated lights and shapes in obvious places and keep watch on VHF CH16/CH71.
    3. Passing vessels should strengthen lookout, pay attention to the avoidance and are forbidden to cross the cable area.



Please be advised that all the above navigation warnings were the important pieces selected from the official website of MSA China or that of other local MSAs. Sloma shall not be liable for the veracity of the above navigation warnings or the accuracy of their English and Japanese translations. Neither shall Sloma be liable for any person’s/party’s possible losses/damage which may result from relying upon the above navigation warnings.


Junmao Jiang

Sloma & Co.

28 January 2022