Recent Navigation Warnings of China Waters No.108

12 October 2021 No.1139

We have obtained the recent navigation warnings of the China Waters issued by China MSA. Please see the following the free translations by the law firm in Shanghai, China, Sloma & Co.



  1. Announcement on Establishing Isolated Danger Mark in Bayuquan Harbor Area of Yingkou Port

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LHT (2021) No.198

China MSA 13 September 2021


Relevant units and vessels,
As of 13 September 2021, Bayuquan Harbor Area of Yingkou Port will newly set up a light buoy, detailed parameters of which are as follows:

No. Name Location (WGS-84) Light Characteristics Type of Use Shape Feature Structure Remark
1 Unknown Sunken Ship No.1 Buoy in Bayuquan Harbor Area 40°20′59″.1N 
FL (2) 5s Isolated Danger Mark Black-Red-Black Pillar Buoy with black spherical top mark Steel buoy Newly-established

  1. Announcement on Burial Depth of the Submarine Pipelines nearby Tangshan Sea Area

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JHT (2021) No.142

China MSA 15 September 2021


As reported, the burial depth of three submarine pipelines in Tangshan Sea Area, i.e. NB35-2CEP to QHD32-6SPM, QHD33-1WHP to QHD32-6WHPC and NB35-2WHPB to NB35-2CEP are not deep enough so part of the submarine pipelines came out of the bottom of the sea, relevant issues are hereby announced as follows:

  1. Submarine Pipeline Route:
    1. Route of Submarine Pipeline NB35-2CEP to QHD32-6SPM is linked by following 4 points in order:

      A) 39°04′14.27″N,118°54′58.02″E;

      B) 39°04′31.89″N,119°12′09.56″E;

      C) 39°05′16.63″N,119°12′53.61″E;

      D) 39°06′42.05″N,119°12′14.35″E。

    2. Route of Submarine Pipeline QHD33-1WHP to QHD32-6WHPC is linked by following 2 points in order:

      A) 39°09′17.938″N,119°21′30.531″E;

      B) 39°06′58.324″N,119°14′52.680″E。

    3. Route of Submarine Pipeline NB35-2WHPB to NB35-2CEP is linked by following 2 points in order:

      A) 39°02′38.75″N,118°52′02.35″E;

      B) 39°04′14.27″N,118°54′58.02″E。

  2. Cautions:
    1. Coping down, drilling, piling, dropping anchor, dragging anchor, bottom trawling, standing net, cultivation or other offshore operations that might damage the safety of the submarine pipelines are forbidden in the area within a range of 500 meters from both sides of the submarine pipeline route.
    2. Anchoring vessels nearby the submarine pipelines should strengthen duties and be cautious against touching submarine pipelines due to dragging anchors.

  1. Announcement on Alteration of Mariculture Area nearby sea area of Qinghuangdao

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JHT (2021) No.136

China MSA 6 September 2021


Based on the marine function zoning and actual use condition of the sea area, the mariculture area published in the Notice to Mariners (JHT [2021] No. 128) is hereby altered as follows:

  1. Mariculture Area of Beidaihe District is bounded by the following 5 points in order:

    A) 39°42′15.22″N/119°35′13.06″E

    B) 39°42′15.48″N/119°36′18.54″E

    C) 39°41′44.07″N/119°36′18.60″E

    D) 39°41′44.71″N/119°35′13.06″E

    E) 39°42′15.22″N/119°35′13.06″E

  2. Mariculture Area of Beidaihe New District is bounded by the following 9 points in order:

    A) 39°45′4.60″N/119°27′39.02″E

    B) 39°43′8.60″N/119°33′9.80″E

    C) 39°39′40.14″N/119°37′51.45″E

    D) 39°37′20.92″N/119°34′25.66″E

    E) 39°37′24.38″N/119°27′19.17″E

    F) 39°35′0.47″N/119°27′17.97″E

    G) 39°35′0.12″N/119°20′20.68″E

    H) 39°43′25.20″N/119°23′59.99″E

    I) 39°45′4.60″N/119°27′39.02″E

  3. Mariculture Area of Changli County is bounded by the following 8 points in order:

    A) 39°32′0.01″N/119°15′45.31″E

    B) 39°32′0.02″N/119°27′16.49″E

    C) 39°31′27.49″N/119°27′16.50″E

    D) 39°31′27.26″N/119°33′54.54″E

    E) 39°21′43.80″N/119°32′46.96″E

    F) 39°25′54.54″N/119°18′24.04″E

    G) 39°29′48.94″N/119°15′18.04″E

    H) 39°32′0.01″N/119°15′45.31″E

  4. Cautions:
    1. There are aquaculture facilities such as artificial fish reefs and large-scale net cages in the above three areas, passing vessels should avoid voluntarily and sail cautiously.
    2. The Mariculture Area of Beidaihe District, Mariculture Area of Beidaihe New District and Mariculture Area of Changli County marked in the original sea chart should be adjusted based on this Notice while the other mariculture areas remain unchanged.

  1. Announcement on Fixing Project of the Exposed Suspension of Submarine Pipeline/Cable in Bonan Operation Area in Dongying of 2021

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LHT (2021) No. 420

China MSA 18 September 2021

  1. Work Duration: 18 September 2021 – 30 November 2021
  2. Work Unit: CNOOC Inspection Technology Co., Ltd.
  3. Work Boat: “Da Hai Gang Wan 16”, “Da Hai Gang Wan 67”, “Hai Yang Shi You 791” and “Zhong Hai Yun 37”.
  4. Work mode: Fixing Project of the Exposed Suspension of Submarine Pipeline/Cable in Bonan Operation Area of 2021 in following area: Water areas centered by

    A) 37°54′55.14″N,119°33′39.12″E,

    B) 37°56′30.42″N,119°32′40.98″E;

    C) 38°00′12.88″N,119°31′53.83″E;

    D) 38°08′27.92″N,119°31′37.03″E;

    with a radius of 0.5nm;

    Water areas centered by


    with a radius of 1.5nm.

  5. Cautions:
    1. The work boats should exhibit and display corresponding signals, strengthen duty, keep watch on VHF around the clock and contact the passing vessels timely for the safety matters.
    2. Passing vessels should strengthen lookout, strengthen contact with the work boats, sail cautiously, pay attention to recognizing the signals and keep a safe distance.



Please be advised that all the above navigation warnings were the important pieces selected from the official website of MSA China or that of other local MSAs. Sloma shall not be liable for the veracity of the above navigation warnings or the accuracy of their English and Japanese translations. Neither shall Sloma be liable for any person’s/party’s possible losses/damage which may result from relying upon the above navigation warnings.


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28 September 2021