Recent Navigation Warnings of China Waters No.118

5 August 2022 No.1184

We have obtained the recent navigation warnings of the China Waters issued by China MSA. Please see the following the free translations by the law firm in Shanghai, China, Sloma & Co.

  1. 3rd Seismic Acquisition Project of North Slope of Baiyun Sag

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YHT (2022) No.93

China MSA 22 July 2022

  1. Work duration: 26 July 2022 – 10 September 2022
  2. Work site: sea area bounded by the following 4 points:
    1. : 20°04′05.49″N / 114°40′34.84″E;
    2. : 20°04′19.80″N / 115°02′05.77″E;
    3. : 19°31′05.01″N / 115°02′31.83″E;
    4. : 19°30′54.68″N / 114°41′02.73″E.
  3. Work boat: “Hai Yang Shi You 721”.
  4. Cautions:
    1. During the operation, the workboat will tow 10 solid cables whose length is about 6,000m with sinking depth of 7m. There is an orange red steel tail buoy at the tail of each cable which will flash white light at night. The navigation speed is about 4.6 knots.
    2. The workboat will display regulated lights and shapes in obvious places and keep AIS normally open.
    3. The workboat should strengthen lookout on VHF CH16/CH71 and contact the passing vessels timely.
    4. Passing vessels should strengthen lookout, pay attention to the avoidance and are forbidden to cross the cable area.

  1. Repair Construction of 110KV Submarine Cable Between Zhoushan Island and Xiushan Island

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ZHT (2022) No.80

China MSA 15 July 2022

  1. Work duration: 17 July 2022 – 6 September 2022
  2. Work site: water area of east side of Guanmen of Zhoushan Sea Area, i.e. waters within 500 meters from both sides of the lines connected by following 2 points (2000 National Geodetic Coordinate System):
    1. : 30°06′46″N / 122°11′10″E;
    2. : 30°08′34″N / 122°10′45″E.
  3. Work boat and mode: “Qi Fan 7” and “Bo Xiang Gong 9” will conduct repair construction operation on submarine cable in the above water area. “Tong Heng Gong 11” and “Long Tao 2” will carry out auxiliary operations on the site.
  4. Cautions:
    1. Guanmen Channel will implement traffic control during the operation in the Channel. Irrelevant vessels are forbidden to enter into the Channel.
    2. Workboats should display lights and shapes as regulated and keep watch on VHF16/69 during the operation.
    3. “Zhe Ding 58735”, “Zhe Ding 62107” and “Zhe Ding 58014” (keeping watch on VHF 16/69) will carry out the security works on the site. Any vessel sailing near the above water area should obey the command of the Zhoushan VTS and the on-site guard ships.

  1. Announcement on Navigational Issues Related to Submarine Optical Cable Between Luqiao of Taizhou and Dachen Island

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THT (2022) No.32

China MSA 22 July 2022

The laying project of submarine optical cable between Luqiao of Taizhou and Dachen Island has been completed, including the telecommunication cable between Jinqing of Luqiao and Shangdachen Island and the telecommunication cable between Shangdachen Island and Xiadachen Island. The overall length of the route of submarine optical cable is about 33.7km (Jinqing of Luqiao - Shangdachen Island: about 26km, Shangdachen Island - Xiadachen Island: about 7.7km), the settling depth below mud surface is about 3m. In order to protect the submarine cable and the safety of navigation, berthing and operation of vessels, based on the measured data provided by the owner, relevant navigational issues concerning the submarine cable are announced as follows:

  1. Route of Submarine Cable:
    1. The route of submarine optical cable between Jinqing of Luqiao and Shangdachen Island starts from Shuitong’ao of Jinqing, crossing the customary seaway for coastal small-size ships of Taizhou, and lands at the shoreline at northwest side of Dinggoutou of Shangdachen Island. The length of route is about 26km and its route positions is as follows:
      1. : Starting Point: 28°31′38.083″N / 121°37′11.163″E; (CGCS2000)
      2. : Inflection Point 1: 28°31′41.055″N / 121°37′50.412″E;
      3. : Inflection Point 2: 28°31′28.154″N / 121°38′28.193″E;
      4. : Inflection Point 3: 28°31′18.922″N / 121°38′41.614″E;
      5. : Inflection Point 4: 28°31′15.450″N / 121°39′03.846″E;
      6. : Inflection Point 5: 28°30′46.575″N / 121°40′32.314″E;
      7. : Inflection Point 6: 28°28′51.793″N / 121°50′51.812″E;
      8. : Inflection Point 7: 28°28′51.886″N / 121°51′48.585″E;
      9. : Inflection Point:8: 28°29′07.675″N / 121°52′03.177″E;
      10. : Inflection Point 9: 28°29′08.412″N / 121°52′26.983″E;
      11. : Inflection Point 10: 28°29′03.736″N / 121°52′34.052″E;
      12. : End Point: 28°29′03.609″N / 121°52′35.229″E.
    2. The route of submarine optical cable between Shangdachen Island and Xiadachen Island starts from the shoreline at northwest side of Dinggoutou of Shangdachen Island, turning towards southwest, and lands at the northwest shoreline of Xiaoyantou of Xiadachen Island. The length of route is about 7.7km and its route positions is as follows:
      1. : Starting Point: 28°29′03.609″N / 121°52′35.229″E;
      2. : Inflection Point 1: 28°29′05.842″N / 121°52′27.925″E;
      3. : Inflection Point 2: 28°29′04.172″N / 121°52′07.054″E;
      4. : Inflection Point 3: 28°27′49.827″N / 121°50′57.528″E;
      5. : Inflection Point 4: 28°27′09.996″N / 121°51′19.378″E;
      6. : Inflection Point 5: 28°26′47.175″N / 121°51′47.566″E;
      7. : Inflection Point 6: 28°26′12.143″N / 121°52′15.692″E;
      8. : End Point: 28°26′07.228″N / 121°52′21.782″E.
  2. Warning Signal:
    In order to protect the safety of the submarine optical cable, each landing point is set with 6 fixed Anchoring Prohibited Marks, 8 route markstones and 6 billboards, etc.
  3. Cautions:
    Operational activities that might damage the submarine optical sables including dropping anchors, dragging anchors and sand excavation are forbidden in waters within 50 meters from both sides of the route of the submarine optical cable.

  1. Submarine Cable Post-trenching Construction of Phase I of Development Project of Lvda 5-2 North Oil Field in North Bohai

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LHT (2022) No.161

China MSA 18 July 2022

  1. Work duration: 18 July 2022 – 30 September 2022, round-the-clock operation.
  2. Work unit: Offshore Oil Engineering Co., Ltd.
  3. Workboat: “Ju Li”.
  4. Work site and safe operation zone:
    1. : 39°57′56.5″N / 120°50′08.8″E;
    2. : 39°57′38.5″N / 120°49′30.5″E;
    3. : 39°58′02.7″N / 120°49′07.4″E;
    4. : 39°58′08.9″N / 120°49′18.1″E;
    5. : 39°59′57.8″N / 120°48′26.7″E;
    6. : 40°00′16.1″N / 120°49′08.5″E;
    7. : 9°59′49.7″N / 120°49′28.1″E;
    8. : 39°59′45.1″N / 120°49′18.1″E.
    Enclosed water area bounded by the above 8 points in order.
  5. Cautions:
    1. The workboat should display lights and shapes as regulated.
    2. The workboat should designate special personnel for duty and lookout, keep watch on VHF16 and keep AIS open around the clock and strengthen contact with the passing vessels.
    3. The workboat should operate in the approved safe operation zone and implement marine traffic safety management measures. Irrelevant vessels and offshore facilities are forbidden to enter the safe operation zone.
    4. In case of bad weather or the sea conditions could not meet the construction requirements, the workboat should timely suspend the construction and take shelter in safe water area and timely report the movement of the vessel to VTS Center of Yingkou MSA.


Please be advised that all the above navigation warnings were the important pieces selected from the official website of MSA China or that of other local MSAs. Sloma shall not be liable for the veracity of the above navigation warnings or the accuracy of their English and Japanese translations. Neither shall Sloma be liable for any person’s/party’s possible losses/damage which may result from relying upon the above navigation warnings.

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28 July 2022