Taiwan-Navigation Warning during the China’s naval exercise from 4 to7 August 2022

4 August 2022 No.1183
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We have obtained information by our correspondent in Taiwan, Taiwan Maritime Services Limited. According to the information released by the Taiwanese government, the China’s naval exercise around Taiwan waters will be carried out since 4 noon to 7 noon August 2022.

All navigating vessels in these areas should be aware of the Notice to Mariners and sail cautiously to avoid unforeseen accidents. For details, please see the correspondent’s message below.



These are the authority’s Notice to Mariners just issued this morning in response to China’s decision earlier to carry out military exercise around Taiwan.

From the announcement it is noted that the warning zones are very close to Taiwan’s major commercial ports, including Keelung, Suao, Taipei, Kaohsiung, Anping, Hoping and Hualien, and therefore the navigation and safety will inevitably be affected.  The authority wants all vessels to take alternative routes to avoid these zones.  The duration of the military exercise is 3 days, starting from noon of 4/Aug until noon of 7/Aug.

Below are the coordinates of the warning zones.


1. East of Taiwan
A. N22-56/E122-40
B. N23-38/E122-51
C. N23-38/E123-23
D. N22-56/E123-09
E. N23-40/E122-30
F. N23-40/E122-54
G. N23-13/E122-54
H. N23-13/E122-30

2. North of Taiwan
Zone 1:
A. N25-15-26/E120-29-20
B. N24-50-30/E120-05-45
C. N25-04-32/E119-51-22
D. N25-28-12/E120-14-30

Zone 2:
E. N26-07/E121-57
F. N25-30/E121-57
G. N25-30/E121-28
H. N26-07/E121-28

Zone 3:
I. N25-34/E122-50
J. N23-03/E122-50
K. N25-03/E122-11
L. N25-34/E122-11

3. South of Taiwan
Zone 1:
M. N21-14/E121-33
N. N21-33/E121-18
O. N21-07/E120-43
P. N20-48/E120-59

Zone 2:
Q. N22-43/E119-14
R. N22-10/E119-06
S. N21-33/E120-29
T. N22-09/E120-32