Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)-Enhanced Quarantine Measures in Korea (No.9)

7 July 2021 No.1126

We would like to report the latest announcement of enhanced quarantine measures by Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency. As to the former relative information, please refer to Japan P&I News No.1095, No.1098, No.1100, No.1103, No.1105, No.1106 , No.1109 and No.1122.


The high risk countries have been changed as follows and thus, the current high risk countries are Russia, Philippines, the U.K., South Africa, France, Bangladesh, Pakistan and India.



  • Indonesia as of 28 June 2021



  • The U.K. as of 28 May 2021


In addition to the fines imposed by the quarantine as we announced on Japan P&I News No.1095 and No.1122, if PCR negative certificates are not submitted or if invalid PCR negative certificates are submitted, a fine of KRW1,000,000 to the Master shall be imposed by the immigration. The additional fine is applied for on-signers who joined the vessel on or after 20 May 2021.


For more information, please see the attached notice issued by our local correspondents in Korea, Eastern Shipping Co., Ltd. We hope the summary of the regulation on page No. 13-15 will help.