Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Enhanced Quarantine Measures in Korea (No.5)

8 January 2021 No.1105
Attention: Calling at a Korean port after crew change


We would like to report the latest announcement of enhanced quarantine measures by Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency. As to the former relative information, please refer to Japan P&I News No.1095, No.1098, No.1100 and No.1103.


As previously advised, it is mandatory for vessels who have called the high risk countries (Russia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan, Philippines, Uzbekistan)[1] to submit COVID-19 PCR negative certificate, which is issued by the designated hospital within 48 hours before departure from a port, if crews embarked in those countries.


According to the latest update, PCR negative certificates are required for all on-signers embarked the vessel in all foreign countries on or after 15th January, 2021 when vessels call at a Korean port. For the crews who embarked from the high risk countries, certificates must be issued at the designated facilities and for the crews who embarked from other countries, certificates can be issued at any facilities. Also, certificates must be issued within 72 hours before departure from a port. For more information, please see the attached notice issued by our local correspondents in Korea, Eastern Shipping Co., Ltd.


Since the designated facilities in the high risk countries or other detailed conditions are subject to change at anytime, it is highly recommended for members to check the latest information at the time of vessel’s calling through local agents in Korea.


[1] Kazakhstan was removed from high risk countries on 12th November 2020.