Recent Navigation Warnings of China Waters No.89

4 March 2020 No.1067

We have obtained the recent navigation warnings of the China Waters issued by China MSA. Please see the following the free translations by the law firm in Shanghai, China, Sloma & Co.



  1. Fault Emergency Repair on S4 of the TPE Submarine Optical Fiber Cables in the East China Sea

(MSA Translation)

HHH (2020) No. 39

China MSA 18 February 2020


  1. Work duration: 24 February 2020 – 23 May 2020, day-night operation
  2. Work site: offshore sea area of the East China Sea outside Changjiang Estuary, bounded by the following six points:
    A:31°21.328′N/122°46.871′E; B:30°57.409′N/123°03.042′E;
    C:30°39.835′N/123°36.587′E; D:30°42.388′N/123°38.028′E;
    E:30° 59.134′N/123°06.199′E; F:31°22.401′N/122°49.304′E.
  3. Work mode: work boat “SEGERO” (Chinese name: 塞吉若; Korean; LOA: 115.38m, molded breadth: 20.00m) will detect the fault location, salvage and cut off the defective cable, splice, lay and repair the cable, bury and repair the cable along route of S4 of TPE submarine optical fiber cable in the work site. During the operation, the navigation speed of the work boat is relatively slow.
  4. Cautions:
    1. The work boat should exhibit regulated lights and shapes, display visible signs at day and flash lights at night towards where the anchor chains enter the waters and keep AIS normally open.
    2. The work boat should strengthen watch on VHF16, improve the dynamic notification and take the initiative to contact the passing vessels.
    3. Vessels passing the work site should keep a distance of more than 500 meters with the work boat, sail cautiously and pay attention to the avoidance.
    4. Irrelevant vessels should not drop anchors and carry out operations in the work site without permission.
    5. The operation should be suspended when the force of wind is over the scale of 7 or the visibility is under 1nm.

  1. Announcement on Drilling Operation of Well “Chengbei 830” of Dongying

(Sloma Translation)

LHT (2020) No.28

China MSA 12 February 2020


  1. Work duration: 12 February 2020 – 20 May 2020.
  2. Work unit: Sinopec Shengli Petroleum Engineering Co., Ltd., Offshore Drilling Company
  3. Work boat: “Xin Sheng Hai 6”, “Sheng Hai 8”, “Sheng Hai 9”, “Sheng Hai 10”, “Sheng Kan 208”, “Sheng Li 241”, “Sheng Li 242”, “Sheng Li 253”, “Bei Hai Jiu 131”, “Sheng Li No.5” and “Sheng Li No.8”.
  4. Work site: well drilling operation on Well “Cheng Bei 830” in waters centered by 38°16′32.85″N/118°56′40.85″E, with a radius of 500 meters.
  5. Cautions:
    1. Workboats should exhibit and display corresponding signals in accordance with relevant regulations, strengthen duties, keep watch on HF around the clock and timely contact the passing vessels for the safety matters.
    2. 2. Passing vessels should strengthen lookout and the contact with the workboats, sail cautiously, pay attention to recognizing the signals and keep a safety distance.

  1. Announcement on Adjustment of Pilotage and Quarantine Anchorage of Weitou Bay

(Sloma Translation)

QHH 2020 (10)

China MSA 17 February 2020


Upon application filed by Quanzhou Port Development Center of Fujian Province, the Pilotage and Quarantine Anchorage of Weitou Bay is hereby adjusted to be the circular water area bounded by 24°29′26.62″N/118°31′49.22″E (WGS-84), with a radius of 520 meters with a depth of water of 15.6m (theoretical sea level datum), which could meet the anchorage requirements for 50,000-ton container vessels.

  1. Announcement on Operation of Offshore Platform and Submarine Pipelines of “Yacheng 13-1” Gas Field

(Sloma Translation)

SYHSHZ (2020) No.2

China MSA 19 February 2020

The Construction Project of Offshore Platform and Submarine Pipelines of “Yacheng 13-1” Gas Field will be completed and put into use by CNOOC, Zhanjiang Branch, in order to ensure the safety of facilities and navigation of vessels, relevant issues are hereby announced as follows:

  1. Main positions of pipeline route:
    1. The route from AWA Wellhead Platform of “Yacheng 13-1” to Terminal of Nanshan of Sanya (91km) is bounded by following points in order:
    2. 17°30′32.6″N /109°01′28.74″E (starting point), 17°31′01″N /109°02′08″E (inflection point),

      17°31′57″N /109°02′13″E (inflection point), 17°54′42″N /109°04′23″E (inflection point),

      17°54′59″N /109°04′21″E (inflection point), 17°55′31″N /109°04′24″E (inflection point),

      17°55′48″N /109°04′30″E (inflection point), 17°57′38″N /109°04′41″E (inflection point).

      17°57′58″N /109°04′41″E (inflection point), 17°58′37″N /109°04′44″E (inflection point),

      17°58′57″N /109°04′48″E (inflection point), 18°09′53″N /109°05′51″E (inflection point),

      18°10′44″N /109°06′00″E (inflection point), 18°12′22″N /109°06′10″E (inflection point),

      18°12′55″N /109°05′59″E (inflection point), 18°13′39″N /109°06′03″E (inflection point),

      18°14′05″N /109°06′17″E (inflection point), 18°15′03″N /109°06′21″E (inflection point),

      18°17′51″N /109°08′16″E (inflection point), 18°18′25″N /109°08′52″E (inflection point),

      18°18′27″N /109°08′54″E (inflection point), 18°18′29″N /109°08′52″E (inflection point),

      18°18′323″N /109°08′51″E (terminal point).

  2. Positions of submarine cables:

    AAP Accommodation Platform of “Yacheng 13-1”: (17°30′34.73″N/109°01′33.47″E)

    AAP Accommodation Platform of “Yacheng 13-1”: (17°30′34.74″N/109°01′30.28″E)

    AWA Wellhead Platform of “Yacheng 13-1”: (17°30′32.60″N/109°01′28.74″E)

  3. Protective zone:
    1. Sea area centered by above each platform, with a radius of 1nm.
    2. Sea area within a range of 500 meters from both sides of the pipeline route from AWA Wellhead Platform of “Yacheng 13-1” to Terminal of Nanshan of Sanya (91km).

  4. Production period: 19 February 2020 – 31 December 2036.

  5. Cautions:
    1. Offshore Production Platform should display signals as regulated and keep watch on VHF16.
    2. Irrelevant vessels are forbidden to enter the protective zone of the Offshore Production Platform.
    3. Vessels are forbidden to carry out offshore operations which might damage the submarine pipelines, such as sand excavating, drilling, piling, dragging anchor and trawl fishing.
    4. The construction unit should implement management responsibilities and measures and strengthen risk prevention in accordance with laws and regulations.



Please be advised that all the above navigation warnings were the important pieces selected from the official website of MSA China or that of other local MSAs. Sloma shall not be liable for the veracity of the above navigation warnings or the accuracy of their English translations. Neither shall Sloma be liable for any person’s/party’s possible losses/damage which may result from relying upon the above navigation warnings.


Junmao Jiang

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25 February 2020