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Japan P&I News No.921 Korean Waters – Warning of Collision with Fishing Vessels

| by:ロスプリベンション推進部編集用
For Print : No.921(E)
12 September 2017

To the Members 

Dear Sirs, 

Korean Waters – Warning of Collision with Fishing Vessels

We have obtained the information on the captioned topic from Eastern Shipping Co., Ltd., our correspondent in Korea, as per attached. 

As collision incidents in Korean waters have been increasing year by year, all navigation vessel in these area should sail cautiously and take the following proactive action to avoid collision with fishing boats.


  • Watch out and look out, not in the chartroom but at the conning position!
  • Leave the fishing boat at a distance and, instead, make detour as far as possible!
  • Turn the ARPA on and keep your helmsman on Bridge!
  • Blow the horn, ring the bell or do anything to warn them in any risky situations!


We hope it will be of help to you with regard to the safe voyaging.

Yours faithfully,

The Japan Ship Owners' Mutual Protection & Indemnity Association
Loss Prevention and Ship Inspection Department
Tel:+81 3 3662 7229
Fax:+81 3 3662 7107

Attachment: Guidance from Eastern Shipping Co., Ltd.