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Japan P&I News No.884 New Zealand-Biofouling-Craft Risk Management Standard

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For Print:No.884(E)


18 April 2017


To the Members


Dear Sirs,


New Zealand - Biofouling - Craft Risk Management Standard


We have obtained the information on the captioned topic from our correspondent in New Zealand, P&I Services. 


According to the information above, studies undertaken in New Zealand have found that hull biofouling is the main cause of the introduction to New Zealand of unwanted organisms in the form of invasive aquatic species.  Furthermore, marine pests and diseases brought in through hull biofouling can cause significant harm to New Zealand’s marine biodiversity and its fishing and agriculture industries. 


In the circumstances New Zealand Authorities have promulgated new biofouling standards named “Craft Risk Management Standard” (CRMS), which will come into force on 15 May 2018.   The standards can be found at


For your reference, it is reported that there were 2 vessels ordered to clean their hulls because their biofouling was excessive over the past 12 months, though CRMS has not come into force yet. 


Yours faithfully,


The Japan Ship Owners' Mutual Protection & Indemnity Association


Attachment: Circular issued by P&I Services