Recent Navigation Warnings of China Waters No.97

2 November 2020 No.1099

We have obtained the recent navigation warnings of the China Waters issued by China MSA. Please see the following the free translations by the law firm in Shanghai, China, Sloma & Co.




  1. Fault Repair on S1.1 of the NCP (New Crossing-Pacific Cable System) in East China Sea

(MSA Translation)

HHH (2020) No. 432

China MSA 30 September 2020


Work duration: 5 October 2020 – 4 December 2020, day-night operation.


Work site: water areas of East China Sea outside north branch of Changjiang Estuary, bounded by the following six points:


A. 31°47′27.6″N/122°25′13.8″E;

B. 31°48′00.0″N/122°25′13.8″E;

C. 31°48′01.8″N/122°16′43.2″E;

D. 31°46′43.2″N/122°12′37.8″E;

E. 31°46′13.2″N/122°12′51.0″E;

F. 31°47′27.0″N/122°16′49.2″E.


Work mode: Workboat “MIRAERO” (Nationality: Korean, LOA: 64.32m, molded breadth: 14.95m) or “CS FU HAI” (LOA: 105.8m, molded breadth: 20m) or “BOLD MAVERICK” (Nationality: Panamanian, LOA: 105.8m, molded breadth: 20m) will detect the fault location, salvage and cut off the defective cable, splice, lay and repair the cable, bury and repair the cable along route of S1.1 of NPC in the work site. During the operation, the navigation speed of the workboat is relatively slow.



  1. The workboat should exhibit lights and shapes as regulated, display visible marks where the anchors enter the waters during daytime, light up the location at nighttime, keep AIS on normally.
  2. The workboat should strengthen watch on VHF16 and report movement of the vessels and contact with the passing vessels voluntarily and implement security works.
  3. Passing vessels should keep a safe distance with the workboat, sail cautiously and pay attention to the avoidance.
  4. The operation should be suspended in case the wind force is greater than 7 or the visibility is less than 1 nautical mile.



  1. 2d Seismic Data Acquisition and Exploration Operation in Qiongzhou Strait

(Sloma Translation)

QHKHH(2020) No.26

China MSA 1 October 2020


Relevant units and vessels,


BGP INC., CHINA NATIONAL PETROLEUM CORPORATION will carry out 2d Seismic Data Acquisition and Exploration Operation in Qiongzhou Strait, relevant issues are hereby announced as follows:


Work duration: 1 October 2020 – 31 December 2020.


Work site: waters bounded by the following 20 points in Qiongzhou Strait:


A. 20°00′04.32″N/110°01′48.65″E;

B. 20°03′35.58″N/110°01′23.11″E;

C. 20°15′47.52″N/110°02′27.78″E;

D. 20°15′37.99″N/110°05′13.46″E;

E. 20°13′34.03″N/110°06′30.69″E;

F. 20°13′53.00″N/110°08′58.13″E;

G. 20°14′34.56″N/110°11′12.80″E;

H. 20°16′06.64″N/110°12′54.90″E;

I. 20°15′30.76″N/110°15′56.60″E;

J. 20°14′17.70″N/110°18′50.70″E;

K. 20°15′22.81″N/110°19′51.03″E;

L. 20°15′30.84″N/110°22′13.26″E;

M. 20°14′05.59″N/110°32′31.18″E;

N. 20°11′34.94″N/110°32′22.77″E;

O. 20°01′18.00″N/110°30′01.79″E;

P. 20°05′20.79″N/110°22′12.82″E;

Q. 20°04′26.24″N/110°18′47.56″E;

R. 20°01′46.94″N/110°15′07.26″E;

S. 20°03′50.68″N/110°09′51.80″E;

T. 20°00′35.29″N/110°07′53.26″E.

Workboat: “Hai Bao Jiu”, “Dong Fang Kan Tan No.2”, “Mei Cheng Tuo 8625”, “Gong Jiao No.1” and “Jin Hui Tuo 8”.


Work contents: Laying and recycling of the geological exploration nodes.



  1. Work units should implement each safety precautions, anti-pollution and relevant contingency plan and operate strictly based on the operation plan within the prescribed area and time limit.
  2. Work units and vessels should strengthen lookout and the contact with the passing vessels (especially those passing the channels and anchorages) and ensure the safety of the marine traffic.
  3. Pay close attention to the weather change. The operation should be suspended immediately in case of bad weather such as thunderstorms and gales or restricted visibility and relevant precautionary measures should be taken.
  4. Passing vessels should sail cautiously, timely communicate and make avoidance, pay attention to keeping a safe distance with the work site and pass-by slowly for the safety matters.



  1. Announcement on the Newly-established Isolated Danger Virtual Marker in Binzhou Port

(Sloma Translation)

LHT (2020) No.415

China MSA 18 October 2020


Notice: As of 17 October 2020, an Isolated Danger Virtual Marker will be newly set in water areas of Binzhou Port (Name: BINZHOU PORT OBSTRUCTION PA; MMSI:994136708; Location: 38°19′58.62″N/118°13′27.84″E; Launch Pattern: Autonomous and Continuous; Type of Marker: Isolated Danger Marker: Broadcast Interval: 3 minutes). Please pay attention.


  1. Exploration Operation of the Platform Site and Pipeline Route of the Development Project of “Wushi 23-5” Oil Field Group in Beibu Gulf

(MSA Translation)

ZHT (2020) No. 21

China MSA 10 October 2020


Work duration: 13 October 2020 – 30 December 2020, day-night operation.


Work site: water areas of west side of Leizhou Peninsula, bounded by the following 12 points in order:


A. 20°33′12.96″N/109°36′11.61″E;

B. 20°33′53.79″N/109°38′27.81″E;

C. 20°32′21.19″N/109°39′00.49″E;

D. 20°32′12.51″N/109°38′31.70″E;

E. 20°29′28.83″N/109°38′40.22″E;

F. 20°29′29.11″N/109°39′16.83″E;

G. 20°27′51.55″N/109°39′17.68″E;

H. 20°27′50.74″N/109°37′34.16″E;

I. 20°29′28.30″N/109°37′33.29″E;

J. 20°29′28.56″N/109°38′05.68″E;

K. 20°32′02.14″N/109°37′57.67″E;

L. 20°31′39.90″N/109°36′42.74″ E.


Work boat and mode: Workboat “Hai Yang Shi You 708”, “Hai Yang Shi You 623” and “Nan Hai 503” will carry out exploration operation on the platform site and pipeline route of the development project of “Wushi 23-5” Oil Field Group.



  1. The workboats should strictly obey International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, 1972 and display relevant navigation and operation signals as regulated.
  2. The workboats should strengthen duty and lookout and communications, pay close attention to the movements of the passing vessels and prepare to take safety measures at any time.
  3. The workboats should pay close attention to the meteorological dynamic, implement safety and anti-pollution measures and ensure the safety.
  4. Passing vessels should pay close attention to avoiding the work site at low speed.





Please be advised that all the above navigation warnings were the important pieces selected from the official website of MSA China or that of other local MSAs. Sloma shall not be liable for the veracity of the above navigation warnings or the accuracy of their English and Japanese translations. Neither shall Sloma be liable for any person’s/party’s possible losses/damage which may result from relying upon the above navigation warnings.


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23 October 2020