Recent Navigation Warnings of China Waters No.79

9 May 2019 No.1024

We have obtained the recent navigation warnings of the China Waters issued by China MSA. Please see the following the free translations by the law firm in Shanghai, China, Sloma & Co.




  1. Announcement on Laying Operation of the Submarine Cable in “Dongfang 13-2” Gas Field in South China Sea

(Sloma Translation)

SYHSHZ [2019] No.9

China MSA 3 April 2019


  1. Work duration: 6 April 2019 – 31 July 2019, round-the-clock operation.
  2. Relevant vessels:
    Workboats: Hai Yang Shi You 286 and Hai Yang Shi You 287.
  3. Work site:
    1. Water areas bounded by Platform DF13-2CEPB (18°29′22.58″N /107°37′10.19″E) and Platform DF13-
      2WHPA (18°32′11.57″N /107°35′37.67″E) within a range of 1000 meters from both sides.
    2. Water areas bounded by Platform DF13-2CEPB (18°29′22.58″N /107°37′10.19″E) and Platform DF1-
      1PRP (18°36′57.37″N /107°45′37.52″E) within a range of 1000 meters from both sides.
  4. Work mode: laying operations of submarine cables.
  5. Cautions:
    1. During the operations, the workboats should exhibit shapes of “Ball-Diamond-Ball” vertically at day and display all-round lights of “Red-White-Red” vertically at night.
    2. Passing vessels should strengthen lookout, pay attention to the avoidance for the safety matters. Workboats should contact VHF 16.
    3. It won’t be further notified if the operation is completed in advance.

  1. Announcement on the well exploration operation of Well CFD18-1E-1

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JHT(2019) No.25

China MSA 22 April 2019


  1. Work duration: 19 April 2019 – 12 June 2019.
  2. Work mode: well exploration operation on Well CFD18-1E-1.
  3. Work site: circular water areas centered by Well CFD18-1E-1 (38°37′01.130″N/118°58′29.303″E), with a radius of 500 meters.
  4. Work boat: Drilling Platform “Hai Yang Shi You 921”, “Hai Yang Shi You 615”, “Bin Hai 287”, “Bin Hai 284”, “Ji Hai 8005”, “Hai Yang Shi You 633”, “Hao Chi 9”, “Min Sheng 001”, “Min Sheng 006”, “Zhong Gang Tuo 702” and “Dong Fang Xing”.
  5. Signals: During the operation, apart from the large number of work lights at night, there is a red light set on the top of the derrick, a Morse (U) white-light lamp of 15 seconds (flash simultaneously) and a Morse (U) fog horn of 30 seconds set outboard of each spud leg of the platform.
  6. Cautions: Workboats should keep watch on Channel 16 and 67 round the clock; Passing vessels should strengthen lookout, pay attention to the movements of the workboats, contact voluntarily and pay attention to the avoidance for the safety matters.


  1. Announcement on the Newly-established Submarine Crude Oil Pipeline Route in Zhoushan Sea Area

(Sloma Translation)

ZHT (2019) No.42

China MSA 22 April 2019


The laying operation of the submarine crude oil pipelines and monitoring communication optical cables between Mamu Island and Yushan Island of Zhoushan have been completed, details of the routes are hereby announced as follows (2000 National Geodetic Coordinate System):

1# Crude Oil Pipeline Route:

  1. 30°10′59.49″N/121°56′56.01″E;
  2. 30°11′13.52″N/121°55′28.85″E;
  3. 30°12′25.60″N/121°55′17.42″E;
  4. 30°12′43.86″N/121°55′18.53″E;
  5. 30°13′00.00″N/121°55′26.76″E;
  6. 30°16′36.80″N/121°58′16.25″E;
  7. 30°16′57.90″N/121°58′25.56″E;
  8. 30°17′15.93″N/121°58′24.58″E;
  9. 30°17′32.46″N/121°58′16.21″E;
  10. 30°17′45.63″N/121°58′00.85″E;
  11. 30°17′53.46″N/121°57′47.56″E.

2# Crude Oil Pipeline Route:

  1. 30°10′57.93″N/121°56′55.49″E;
  2. 30°11′12.17″N/121°55′27.17″E;
  3. 30°12′26.02″N/121°55′15.43″E;
  4. 30°12′44.22″N/121°55′16.56″E;
  5. 30°13′00.45″N/121°55′24.78″E;
  6. 30°16′37.47″N/121°58′14.43″E;
  7. 30°16′58.49″N/121°58′23.78″E;
  8. 30°17′15.54″N/121°58′23.08″E;
  9. 30°17′33.06″N/121°58′14.42″E;
  10. 30°17′46.23″N/121°57′59.05″E;
  11. 30°17′53.12″N/121°57′47.47″E.

Monitoring Communication Optical Cable Route:

  1. 30°11′02.98″N/121°56′28.94″E;
  2. 30°11′12.95″N/121°55′28.06″E;
  3. 30°12′25.80″N/121°55′16.45″E;
  4. 30°12′43.96″N/121°55′17.53″E;
  5. 30°13′00.21″N/121°55′25.78″E;
  6. 30°16′37.14″N/121°58′15.37″E;
  7. 30°16′58.21″N/121°58′24.64″E;
  8. 30°17′15.41″N/121°58′23.91″E;
  9. 30°17′32.77″N/121°58′15.30″E;
  10. 30°17′45.94″N/121°57′59.93″E;
  11. 30°17′50.81″N/121°57′51.63″E.

In order to ensure the safety of the submarine crude oil pipeline, anchoring-prohibited fixed signs have been set at the landing points. All vessels are prohibited to drop anchor or conduct any other operation in the water areas within a range of 100 meters from both sides of the submarine crude oil pipelines.


  1. Announcement on Applying and Laying Operation of the 35KV and 220KV Submarine Optical Fiber Composite Cable of the 300MW Demonstration Project of the Offshore Wind Plant of Puti Island of Leting of Tangshan

(Sloma Translation)

JHT (2019) No.30

China MSA 17 April 2019


  1. Work unit: Jiangsu Huaxicun Offshore Engineering Service Co., Ltd.
  2. Work duration: 17 April 2019 – 24 January 2020
  3. Work boat: “Heng Tong Lan 1”, “Heng Tong Lan 5” and “Gang Jian Tuo 2001”
  4. Work site: water areas bounded by the following 12 points in order:
      1. 39°08′16.3867″N/118°45′53.3206″E;

      1. 39°08′16.8267″N/118°46′35.0216″E;

      1. 39°02′34.8563″N/118°46′38.4348″E;

      1. 39°02′20.1658″N/118°47′11.0986″E;

      1. 39°02′33.4783″N/118°47′25.9060″E;

      1. 39°01′56.3453″N/118°51′44.9441″E;

      1. 38°59′32.8585″N/118°51′47.2425″E;

      1. 38°57′16.1885″N/118°49′15.1848″E;

      1. 39°58′01.1656″N/118°44′00.8511″E;

      1. 39°00′45.3381″N/118°45′25.6833″E;

      1. 39°01′55.6936″N/118°46′43.8839″E;

  5. Work content:applying and laying operation of the 35KV and 220KV submarine optical fiber composite cable of the 300MW Demonstration Project of the Offshore Wind Plant of Puti Island of Leting of Tangshan
  6. Cautions:
    1. The workboats should display regulated lights and shapes in obvious places, visible marks should be displayed at day and lights should be irradiated at night towards the direction where the anchor cables are dropped in water. AIS should be kept normally open;
    2. The workboats should keep watch on channel and keep proper lookout;
    3. The vessels other than the workboats should try to avoid entering the worksite;
    4. Other vessels passing near the worksite should sail cautiously, keep a safe distance with the workboats and contact the workboats in advance if necessary;
    5. The operation should be suspended in case of bad weather in order to ensure the safety of the workboats.



Please be advised that all the above navigation warnings were the important pieces selected from the official website of MSA China or that of other local MSAs. Sloma shall not be liable for the veracity of the above navigation warnings or the accuracy of their English translations. Neither shall Sloma be liable for any person’s/party’s possible losses/damage which may result from relying upon the above navigation warnings.


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26 April 2019