US – Asian Gypsy Moth (AGM) Ship Inspection

5 October 2018 No.990

We have obtained information on the captioned topic by our correspondent in New Orleans, U.S.A, Murphy, Rogers, Sloss, Gambel & Tompkins.


It has recently been announced that U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) discovered AGM egg masses on three vessels arriving from Japan during July and August, 2018 ; the two of them were vehicle transport ships entering into Baltimore and the remaining one, for which the vessel-type was not clear, was inspected at Houston. In those cases, all viable eggs within AGM were intercepted by CBP and the introduction of harmful pest into U.S. was quickly prevented.


In this regards, CBP issued notice on their official website to alert destructive AGM to vessels calling   from AGM high risk areas, especially Japan, during AGM flying season. It is essential for the Members, whom trade or intend to arrive from the risk areas, to be aware of above prior entering into U.S.


With regard to requirements set forth by each of regulating countries in 2018 AGM flying season, please refer to our Japan P&I News No.946 and No.971.