Updated Zika Virus Chinese Quarantine Authorities, NOT RENEWED the Requirement for Mosquito Eradication Certificate for Vessels from ZIKA Affected Areas

6 March 2017 No.879
We would like to draw your attention to Japan P&I News No.809 dated 28 March 2016, No.839 dated 30 August and No.845 dated 14 September.

We have obtained the information on the captioned topic by our correspondent in China, Huatai Insurance Agency & Consultant Service Ltd. Please find the attached circular.

In this circular, Huatai contacted with CIQ (Chinese Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, China quarantine authorities) to check and confirmed their not renewing the requirement for mosquito eradication certificate (MEC) for vessels from Zika affected areas. Huatai also consulted some local CIQ offices and confirmed MEC is not required. 

Huatai suggests Owners to check with local agent once port of call in China is fixed for the sake of good order.

We hope it will be of help to you with regard to the safe voyage.