Updated Zika Virus  – China’s requirements for shipment fromZika-infected countries (by USDA FAS)

30 August 2016 No.839

We would like to draw your attention to Japan P&I News No.836 dated 17 August 2016.


We have obtained information on the captioned topic issued by USDA FAS (United States Department of Agriculture, Foreign Agricultural Service) from a non-profit maritime industry membership organization “The New Orleans Board of Trade.”


Following the World Health Organization’s (WHO) August 2, 2016 listing of the United States as a country reporting mosquito-borne Zika virus transmission, Chinese authorities now require mosquito disinsection for all U.S.-origin shipments to China. This applies to all vessels (incl. Aircraft) that left the United States on or after August 5 and will remain in effect until March 2017, subject to adjustment or renewal depending on the situation.


FAS mentioned that this is not official USDA guidance regarding compliance with China’s new policies for shipments from Zika-affected countries. This is just an information which obtained by the staff from the U.S. Embassy in Beijing met with AQSIQ (China’s General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine).


We recommend to contact the local agent for latest information in case the vessel carries the cargo from United States (and other Zika-affected countries) to China.


Attachments(All issued by USDA FAS)