Argentina-Wash damage and speed regulation, River Plate and Parana River (No.3)

23 March 2023 No.1217
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Please refer to the previous Japan P&I News No.1186 dated 17 August 2022.


We have obtained the latest update from our local correspondent in Buenos Aires, Pandi Liquidadores S.R.L., on the revised speed regulation in the way of Km 181 to 205 in the River as of 21 March 2023. According to a new disposition, the maximum speed for vessels sailing upriver is 9.5 knots; and downriver 10 knots (SOG) with an allowance of 5% in both cases - except between Km 183 to 186 where the vessels shall sail at their minimum speed compatible with good steering only.


Above speed limits could be exceeded only as an exception for strict safety reasons, which shall be communicated to Zarate Traffic Control.


Please refer to the attached information from the correspondent.