Updates on Pre-Employment Medical Examination (PEME) for Filipino Crew

22 March 2023 No.1216
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In October 2001, we formulated the comprehensive scheme of Pre-Employment Medical Examination (PEME) for Filipino seafarers and recommended the members to use the scheme in order to reduce their crew illness claims due to the pre-existing condition of the seafarer by way of performing extra tests in addition to the minimum standard.

For procedures and other consideration for using Japan P&I PEME Package, please refer to our Circular No.15-018 dated 19 February 2016. We would like to announce that we have updated our accredited clinic list as attached.

Also as updated information, additional tests below are currently required for the crew who embark Panama flag vessels as attached guidelines.

  1. Glucose (fasting)
  2. General Urine
  3. Toxicological Tests (in blood)

    a. Antidoping (Cannabis and Cocaine)

    b. Alcohol

  4. General Stool (only mandatory for food handlers)

Among the above tests, Glucose and Alcohol tests are not included in our PEME Package and these tests can be arranged at our accredited clinics with the following additional payments.

Clinic Glucose (FBS) Alcohol
Angelus Medical Clinic, Inc. Php 150 Php 300
Halcyon Health Network, Inc. USD 5 USD 7
Maritime Medical and Laboratory Clinic, Inc. Php 150 Php 300
Physicians' Diagnostic Services Center, for Sea-based workers Inc. – Manila and Cebu Php 150 Php 300
S.M. Lazo Medical Clinic, Inc. Php 200 Php 250
Supercare Medical Services, Inc. – Manila, Cebu, and Iloilo Php 150 Php 250
Transnational Medical & Diagnostic Center, Inc. Php 250 Php 247.50

*FBS = fasting blood sugar