Argentina-Wash damage and speed regulation, River Plate and Parana River (No.2)

17 August 2022 No.1186
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Please refer to the previous Japan P&I News No.1111 dated 12 February 2021.


We have obtained the latest update from our local correspondent in Buenos Aires, Pandi Liquidadores S.R.L., about the revised speed regulation in way of Km 406 to 435 in the River as of 11 August 2022. Please refer to the attached information from the correspondent.


According to the correspondent, the number of breach of speed regulation has increased in the last two years, particularly between Km 406 to 435. It is suggested that the shipowners and the Masters of vessels closely discuss with the pilots about the speed restrictions and the voyage plan, and if the same might be exceeded for any reason, ensure that the pilot communicates with VTS beforehand and make an entry in the ship’s log book.