Novel Coronavirus (2019-mCoV) (No.2)

31 January 2020 No.1062
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The World Health Organisation (WHO) declared the Public Health Emergency of International Concern, to respond spreading of a novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) at the Emergency Committee meeting on 30 January 2020.


The latest Novel Coronavirus situation reports of 30 January 2020 state that 7,737 cases have been confirmed among which 170 have died and 1,370 as severe. Besides, over 12,167 suspected cases in China.


  1. China: The circular of Oasis P&I Services Company Limited dated 29 January 2020 regarding shipping activities
    • Currently, the operation of cargo ships at all the sea ports is going on normally, amid an increased state of alert in response to the coronavirus, although detailed requirements in different ports may vary slightly.
      If there are Chinese crewmembers on board, local Customs may enquire if any crewmember has visited Wuhan or made close physical contact with anyone from Wuhan in the past month.
      If any crewmember shows a higher temperature than normal or other symptoms of the virus infection, the Customs will ask the crewmember to be tested to confirm if he/she is indeed infected by the new coronavirus, so that proper measures can be taken in time to contain further spreading.
    • At some ports, loading and or discharging operation may be slow due to the lack of stevedores and terminal staff who are away for the prolonged lunar new year holiday.
    • Wuhan is an inland river port on Yangtze river. Except one direct container line between Wuhan and Japan, most of its imported cargo is carried by feeder vessels. Since Jan 23rd, except vessels carrying coal and oil cargo and other daily necessities for the local people, other vessels should avoid calling Wuhan port and depart from the terminals, with loading, discharging or anchoring forbidden until further notice.
    • Due to inaccessibility of public intercity transportation at some places, if a surveyor or any other service provider is needed to attend on board, especially at smaller ports where surveyors are not available locally and have to travel there from other places, it will take longer or be more difficult to arrange their attendance although we will do our best to arrange.



    1. Many other countries having major sea route linked with China release particular regulations and measures regarding vessel’s call and crew visit which vessel owners and operators should comply to combat further spread of novel coronavirus, the member may read as shown the followings. We recommend monitoring the situation and check a latest situation with local agent before the vessel will enter and use in the next port of call.

      • USA (USCG Marine Safety Information Bulletin dated 27 January 2020)


      • France (BUDD S.A., correspondents in Paris dated 28 January 2020)

      • Australia
      • General advice regarding Australia’s regulatory response from Cocks Macnish, correspondents in Perth
      • Combat measures in some ports across the State of NSW from Aus Ship P&I, correspondents in Sydney dated 31 January 2020


      • Brazil (Representacoes Proinde Ltda, correspondents in Santos dated 25 January 2020)


    • Argentina (Pandi Liquidadores S.R.L., correspondents in Buenos Aires dated 30 January 2020)