Recent Navigation Warnings of China Waters No.69

5 July 2018 No.970

We have obtained the recent navigation warnings of the China Waters issued by China MSA. Please see the following the free translations by the law firm in Shanghai, China, Sloma & Co.



1. Announcement on Well Exploration Operation of BZ19-6-7
(Sloma Translation)
China MSA 13 June 2018

  1. Work duration: 13 June 2018 – 29 August 2018
  2. Work unit: CNOOC Limited, Tianjin Branch
  3. Workboat/facility:
    Kan Tan No.6, Min Sheng 001, Min Sheng 006, Hai Yang Shi You 633, Hai Yang Shi You 642, Hai Yang Shi You 646, Hai Yang Shi You 647, Hai Yang Shi You 648, Sheng Feng No.2, Chao Sheng 6007, Tian Ze 806, Hai Yang Shi You 641, Xin Run 5.
  4. Work site: well exploration operation on Well BZ19-6-7 in waters centered by 38°23′49.152″N/119°04′01.290″E, with a radius of 1000 meters.
  5. Cautions:
    1. Workboats should exhibit and display corresponding signals in accordance with relevant regulations, strengthen duties, keep watch on VHF around the clock and timely contact the passing vessels for the safety matters.
    2. Passing vessels should strengthen lookout and the contact with the workboats, sail cautiously, pay attention to recognizing the signals and keep a safety distance.
    3. Workboats should receive weather forecast every day and work out emergency plans to guard against storm tide in a timely manner.

2. Submarine cable laying operation of Phase III of Zhoushan Mainland Water Diversion Project (Water Diversion Project of Daishan Island)
(Sloma Translation)
ZHH (2018) No.92
China MSA 8 June 2018

  1. Work duration: 9 June 2018 – 31 December 2018, day-night operation.
  2. Work site: water areas between Dinghai Mamu Island and Daishan Island of Zhoushan, bounded by the following points within a range of 300 meters from both sides (2000 National Geodetic Coordinate System):
    1. 30°10′47″N/121°57′33″E;
    2. 30°11′16″N/121°57′51″E;
    3. 30°11′51″N/121°57′44″E;
    4. 30°12′28″N/121°57′47″E;
    5. 30°13′09″N/121°58′27″E;
    6. 30°15′09″N/122°01′02″E;
    7. 30°15′11″N/122°01′07″E;
    8. 30°16′31″N/122°06′21″E.
  3. Work boat and mode:
    “Zhe Sheng Gong 2” will excavate foundation trench for the submarine pipeline in the above water area, “Yu Zhou 8” will conduct submarine pipeline laying operation.
    “Zhe Yong Gong Bo 9052” and “Zhe Yong Gong Bo 947” , “Hang Shun 6”, “Hang Shun 11”, “Zhou Yang Bo 6”, “Zhou Yang Bo 11”, “Zhe Dai 66048” and “Zhe Gong Mao” will conduct guard work and supporting operation on site.
  4. Cautions:
    1. The operation will first excavate foundation trench, then lay the pipeline. The main workboat will drop 7 anchors, the anchor chains are about 500m in length, work boats will display regulated lights and shapes in obvious places and set obvious warning marks at points where anchors are cast, keep watch on VHF16 and initiatively report the movement of the vessel.
    2. Passing vessels should strengthen lookout and the contact with the workboats, sail cautiously, pay attention to recognizing the signals and keep a safety distance.
    3. On-site contact number: 13362470237, 18668862998, 18958220016.
    4. Water areas of the three provisional channels set in Highway Engineering of Main Channel of Ningbo Zhoushan Harbor (Shihua Harbor Highway of Yushan) for this project will implement traffic control during the construction. Relevant units and vessels should keep close attention to relevant Navigation Warnings of next stage for crossing the above provisional channels.


    3. Announcement on the 220KV Submarine Cable Route between Zhoushan Island and Yushan
    (Sloma Translation)
    ZHH(2018) No.80
    China MSA 4 June 2018

    The laying operation of 220KV submarine cable between Zhoushan Island and Yushan has been completed. We now hereby announce the cable route as follows (2000 National Geodetic Coordinate System):

    1# Submarine Cable Route:

    1. 30°10′52.75″N/121°57′20.59″E;
    2. 30°11′08.88″N/121°57′14.69″E;
    3. 30°11′13.84″N/121°57′07.28″E;
    4. 30°11′13.55″N/121°56′00.85″E;
    5. 30°11′30.13″N/121°55′36.04″E;
    6. 30°12′55.59″N/121°55′28.18″E;
    7. 30°17′25.45″N/121°58′58.16″E;
    8. 30°17′31.56″N/121°59′07.99″E;
    9. 30°18′07.95″N/121°59′34.74″E;
    10. 30°18′17.81″N/121°59′36.04″E.

    2# Submarine Cable Route:

      1. 30°10′52.75″N/121°57′20.59″E;
      2. 30°11′02.43″N/121°57′18.58″E;
      3. 30°11′11.14″N/121°57′15.44″E;
      4. 30°11′15.63″N/121°57′09.07″E;
      5. 30°11′15.17″N/121°56′06.27″E;
      6. 30°11′17.28″N/121°55′47.98″E;
      7. 30°11′28.72″N/121°55′38.15″E;
      8. 30°12′50.67″N/121°55′30.70″E;
      9. 30°12′56.54″N/121°55′29.75″E;
      10. 30°17′20.26″N/121°58′57.03″E;
      11. 30°17′22.73″N/121°58′58.31″E;
      12. 30°17′29.76″N/121°59′09.53″E;
      13. 30°18′07.41″N/121°59′36.57″E;
      14. 30°18′15.81″N/121°59′37.45″E;
      15. 30°18′17.81″N/121°59′36.04″E.

      3# Submarine Cable Route:

      1. 30°10′52.75″N/121°57′20.59″E;
      2. 30°11′01.27″N/121°57′19.98″E;
      3. 30°11′11.68″N/121°57′17.60″E;
      4. 30°11′17.16″N/121°57′09.80″E;
      5. 30°11′16.84″N/121°55′52.92″E;
      6. 30°11′17.93″N/121°55′49.78″E;
      7. 30°11′30.13″N/121°55′40.15″E;
      8. 30°12′53.75″N/121°55′32.50″E;
      9. 30°13′00.08″N/121°55′36.72″E;
      10. 30°17′22.88″N/121°59′01.14″E;
      11. 30°17′28.86″N/121°59′10.99″E;
      12. 30°18′07.21″N/121°59′37.63″E;
      13. 30°18′16.02″N/121°59′37.68″E;
      14. 30°18′17.81″N/121°59′36.04″E.

      4# Submarine Cable Route:

      1. 30°10′52.75″N/121°57′20.59″E;
      2. 30°11′01.93″N/121°57′20.61″E;
      3. 30°11′12.40″N/121°57′19.17″E;
      4. 30°11′18.92″N/121°57′09.63″E;
      5. 30°11′18.60″N/121°55′52.99″E;
      6. 30°11′28.92″N/121°55′43.20″E;
      7. 30°11′34.47″N/121°55′41.26″E;
      8. 30°12′37.75″N/121°55′34.93″E;
      9. 30°12′53.40″N/121°55′34.17″E;
      10. 30°17′23.67″N/121°59′05.19″E;
      11. 30°17′27.91″N/121°59′12.27″E;
      12. 30°18′03.25″N/121°59′37.94″E;
      13. 30°18′16.32″N/121°59′38.14″E;
      14. 30°18′17.81″N/121°59′36.04″E.

      5# Submarine Cable Route:

      1. 30°10′52.50″N/121°57′21.02″E;
      2. 30°11′00.70″N/121°57′21.83″E;
      3. 30°11′12.38″N/121°57′22.28″E;
      4. 30°11′20.12″N/121°57′12.21″E;
      5. 30°11′19.78″N/121°55′53.96″E;
      6. 30°11′32.08″N/121°55′42.93″E;
      7. 30°12′53.68″N/121°55′36.30″E;
      8. 30°17′20.91″N/121°59′04.89″E;
      9. 30°17′26.22″N/121°59′13.10″E;
      10. 30°18′03.93″N/121°59′40.03″E;
      11. 30°18′17.38″N/121°59′39.04″E;
      12. 30°18′19.04″N/121°59′36.97″E.

      6# Submarine Cable Route:

      1. 30°10′52.50″N/121°57′21.02″E;
      2. 30°11′01.34″N/121°57′22.72″E;
      3. 30°11′13.52″N/121°57′24.55″E;
      4. 30°11′17.56″N/121°57′21.67″E;
      5. 30°11′22.19″N/121°57′11.19″E;
      6. 30°11′21.48″N/121°55′53.88″E;
      7. 30°11′32.37″N/121°55′45.26″E;
      8. 30°12′53.60″N/121°55′38.03″E;
      9. 30°17′20.72″N/121°59′07.64″E;
      10. 30°17′24.72″N/121°59′15.68″E;
      11. 30°18′03.70″N/121°59′41.55″E;
      12. 30°18′17.48″N/121°59′39.98″E;
      13. 30°18′19.04″N/121°59′36.97″E.

      7# Submarine Cable Route:

      1. 30°10′52.50″N/121°57′21.02″E;
      2. 30°11′00.27″N/121°57′23.28″E;
      3. 30°11′15.43″N/121°57′26.92″E;
      4. 30°11′22.84″N/121°57′15.41″E;
      5. 30°11′23.61″N/121°55′54.80″E;
      6. 30°11′34.15″N/121°55′47.06″E;
      7. 30°12′52.37″N/121°55′39.82″E;
      8. 30°17′19.57″N/121°59′08.79″E;
      9. 30°17′23.68″N/121°59′16.51″E;
      10. 30°18′01.41″N/121°59′42.98″E;
      11. 30°18′17.42″N/121°59′41.53″E;
      12. 30°18′19.04″N/121°59′36.97″E.

      In order to ensure the safety of the submarine cable, fixed signs of “No Anchorage” have been set up in all the landing points, dropping anchors and other operations are forbidden within a range of 100 meters from west side of 1# Submarine Cable and east side of 7# Submarine Cable.

      4. Announcement on the 35KV and 220KV Submarine Cable Laying Operation and Accessory Installation Operation of Second Phase of Putian Pinghaiwan Offshore Wind Farm Project
      (Sloma Translation)
      MHSPH (2018) No.12
      China MSA 17 June 2018

      1. Work duration: 19 June 2018 - 31 December 2018, from 00:00 - 24:00.
      2. Work areas: water areas of Pinghaiwan of Putian of Fujian Province, bounded by the following points (the World Geodetic System WGS-84):
        1. 25°11′37.846″N/119°17′54.023″E;
        2. 25°07′14.648″N/119°21′30.565″E;
        3. 25°06′28.635″N/119°25′04.741″E;
        4. 25°09′19.860″N/119°25′00.552″E;
        5. 25°11′00.566″N/119°23′39.160″E;
        6. 25°09′39.551″N/119°22′03.801″E;
        7. 25°11′47.639″N/119°18′03.500″E.
      3. Workboat: Kai Bo No.1, Kai Bo No.3, Kai Bo No.6, Teng Long 118, Luo Tong 3001 and Luo Tong 350.
      4. Work mode: submarine cable laying operation and accessory installation operation in the above water areas.
      5. Cautions:
        1. Workboats should display signals according to Regulation on Signal Exhibition in Coastal Port of PRC, keep proper lookout and watch on VHF16 and keep contact with nearby workboats.
        2. Passing vessels should strengthen lookout, pay attention to recognition of signals, sail cautiously and stay away from the work areas.

      Please be advised that all the above navigation warnings were the important pieces selected from the official website of MSA China or that of other local MSAs. Sloma shall not be liable for the veracity of the above navigation warnings or the accuracy of their English translations. Neither shall Sloma be liable for any person’s/party’s possible losses/damage which may result from relying upon the above navigation warnings.

      Junmao Jiang
      Sloma & Co.
      26 June 2018