Argentina – New Provisions on Ballast Water Management: Ballast Chlorinating

20 April 2017 No.885

We have obtained the information on the captioned topic from our correspondent in Argentina, Pandi Liquidadores S.R.L. as follows:


Argentina ratified the International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships’ Ballast Water and Sediments, 2004 (“BWM Convention”) in 2005.  This convention will then come into effect on 8 September 2017.  As a preliminary stage to the effectuation of the BWM Convention, Argentina enacted the Resolution 85-E/2017 (“The Resolution”), which compels all ships calling Argentine ports not only to comply with Coastguards Ordinance 7/98 (now in force and practice for many years) but also to apply “Chlorinating Procedure” on ballast tanks.  The Resolution requires a certificate for that “Chlorinating Procedure” is actually carried out.  Please refer to the attached circular from Pandi Liquidadores S.R.L. for more details about the Resolution.


Members, whose ships call at Argentine ports, are recommended to consult with the local agents about the circumstances of implementation of the Resolution and how to comply with it so that they may not be involved in any unnecessary troubles.