Argentina – New Provisions on Ballast Water Management: Ballast Chlorinating (No.2)

18 May 2017 No.894

Members are requested to refer to the previous Japan P&I News No.885 dated 20 April 2017.


We have obtained the latest update on the captioned topic from our correspondent in Argentina, Pandi Liquidadores S.R.L. as follows: 


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Due to the general complaints of the industry and the lack of clarity as to the extent and application of the aforementioned resolution, the Authorities are reviewing the matter. In addition, the Ministry of Health decided to close the Sanitary Unit at San Lorenzo port (only entity who attempted to implement the resolution so far), thereafter, the chlorinating / certificates are no longer being requested.


For the time being, the general suggestion issued by Centro de Navegacion (agents’ chamber) is not to chlorinate until the matter is officially clarified by the Authorities.


Summing up,whilst Resolution 85-E/2017 remains in force – until the entrance into force of the BWM Convention – same it is not being implemented and the Owners are suggested not to perform said chlorinating process until further notice.


The usual ballast regulation shall be complied as per Coastguards’ regulations.

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We shall keep you advised of developments in this matter.