Alaska Contingency Plan Regulations for Non-Tank Vessels (No.3)

27 May 2003 No.03-004
We would like to draw your particular attention to the contents set out bellow with respect to the captioned matter. In this connection, please refer to our Special Circulars No.00-009 dated 7 August 2000 and No.02-022 dated 28 March 2003.            

  1. Enforcement of Alaska new Regulations
    It is to remind you that in accordance with the regulations proclaimed by the State of Alaska, the submission of Contingency Plan by the owner, demise-charterer, operator of a non-tanker over 400 GRT as the case may be obliged from 27 May 2003. The outline of the Contingency Plan required under the new regulations is illustrated in the following Notes, of which details are demonstrated in Item No.2 "Contingency Plan" among others, of Special Circular No.02-002 dated 28 March 2003 with entitlement of "Alaska Financial Responsibility and Contingency Plan Regulation for Non-Tank Vessels (No.2)"

    Non-tank vessels exceeding 400GT which operate in Alaska waters must submit applications for approval of contingency plans on or before 27 May, 2003. Applications submitted by that date will be considered provisionally approved. Effective May 27, 2003, a non-tank vessel exceeding 400GT may not be operated within Alaska waters, or cause or permit the transfer of oil to or from the vessel unless an application for approval of such a plan has been submitted to ADEC. The vessels which operate in Alaskan waters in the future are required to submit the plan at least 15 days before operations are commenced in the state waters.

  2. North American Clean-up Co-op indemnity cover
    With regard to the submission of the above plan (Contingency Plan), the applicants of the plan are required to contract with Non-tank Vessel Clean-up Contractors approved by ADEC (e.g. Foss Environmental, Chadux and SEAPRO) and Incident Management Team. However, in case that the clean-up contractor does not comply with the guidelines of the International Group, Member's liability arising under the services thereof may not necessarily be reimbursed under the normal P&I cover. As we are able to arrange the cover for such Member's liability upon request (usually called, the "co-ops Indemnity Insurance", please contact us if you are interested in such cover.

    Furthermore, it is our understanding that none of clean-up contractors approved by ADEC have been approved by the International Group. If you make contract with the new clean-up contractors and it is difficult for you to distinguish whether they comply with the guidelines of the Groups, again, please feel free to contact us.