China-Regulation issued by Guangdong MSA regarding the supervision and management of marine traffic safety in the Special Administrative Area of Pearl River Estuary of China

13 May 2024 No.1274
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Guangdong MSA issued a Regulation on the Administration of Special Administrative Area of Pearl River Estuary for Marine Traffic Safety (for Trial Implementation) recently, which will come into effect as of 1 July 2024 with validity of two years. We have obtained the summary of ships’ safe navigation requirements as well as free translation of the notice of Guangdong MSA by Oasis P&I Services Company Limited as attached herewith.


For safety, along with the regulation, ships are recommended to conduct self-check of the mechanical and electrical equipment before entering the Special Administrative Area, and fully comply with relevant provisions of COLREGS 1972 and Safety Management System, ensure there is proper and sufficient lookout, keep a safe speed and take early avoidance actions.