China-The Reference Routes for Common Navigation Methods between Lianyungang-Ganyu-Lanshan

1 December 2023 No.1249
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Recently, the reference routes for common navigation methods in Haizhou Bay was jointly published by Lianyungang and Shandong MSA in order to smooth the traffic lanes between different port areas in Haizhou Bay and reduce the risk of collision between merchant and fishing vessels. According to this, the published reference routes include four reference routes connecting the three ports, with a total distance of approximately 48.1 nautical miles and a Precautionary Area is set up, providing a reference basis for route planning for merchant vessels navigating between Lianyungang, Ganyu and Lanshan port.


We have obtained information on each reference route by Huatai Insurance Agency & Consultant Service Ltd. For details, please find attached their circular.



Please note that in any case, the reference route is only for the reference of vessels’ route planning in this area and shall not exempt the Master or crew from their responsibility for the safe navigation of the vessel. Moreover, a large number of fishing and merchant vessels that engaged in domestic trade are navigating, operating or anchoring in this area, making the navigation environment rather complex. It should also be taken into consideration that the operating area of fishing vessels may change over time with the seasons. Therefore, vessels should exercise extreme caution when navigating along the recommended routes, adopt safe speed and maintain proper lookout. In case a large number of navigation obstructions such as fishing vessels and fishing nets, etc. are found on the recommended route when navigating along it, the vessel should promptly maneuver away to ensure safety.