China-High risk water areas which are frequent locations of collision incidents between vessels and fishing boats in Bohai Sea and Yellow Sea

8 September 2023 No.1237
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The fishing ban around Bohai Sea and Yellow Sea was lifted on 1 September 2023. Shandong MSA published a list of nine high risk water areas in Bohai Sea and the Yellow Sea areas where vessels should strengthen lookout and maintain careful navigation to avoid collision with fishing boats.


We have obtained information on these nine high risk water areas, its coordinates and their main risks, by Oasis P&I Services Company Limited. For details, please find attached their circular.


According to their circular, the navigation environment of these areas are complex, and there have been multiple collision accidents with fishing boats as well as between commercial vessels over the past 10 years.




  1. Get familiar with the starting times and ending times of the fishing ban periods. Carry out relevant safety training on the characteristics of fishing areas and fishing boats.

  3. Avoid the traditional fish farms and fishing areas. When choosing a route, vessels shall be properly away from shore, apply the recommended routes carefully and strictly follow the relevant ship routing system.

  5. Fully comply with relevant provisions of COLREGS 1972 and Safety Management System, ensure there is proper and sufficient lookout, keep a safe speed and take early avoidance actions.

  7. In the process of avoiding fishing boats, ship officers shall consider the particular operational characteristics of the fishing boat involved. If effective radio communication cannot be established between the vessel and the fishing boat, all other available means shall be used to warn the fishing boats of the risk of collision.

  9. Be familiar with the safety guidelines for preventing collision between merchant ships and fishing boats in Chinese coastal waters issued by China MSA on 6 May 2021. (See attached)

  11. In case a collision incident occurs or is suspected to have occurred, rescue operation shall be immediately carried out taking into consideration various factors such as safety of the ship and her crews, the surrounding environment etc. Meanwhile, the ship shall contact the nearest VTS/MSA via VHF or their emergency telephone as soon as possible. The ship’s agents, P&I Club and its correspondent should also be informed.