China-Suggested Measures in Preventing Off-spec Claims of MEG cargo due to excessive aldehyde content

5 September 2023 No.1235

Recently a number of vessels which were loaded with MEG (Mono Ethylene Glycol) cargo from Houston and Point Comfort ports of U.S. encountered off-spec claims in respect of aldehydes content at discharging ports in China.


Aldehydes and acetals are by-products of MEG cargo generated during the production process; however, they may be difficult to be removed completely before loading due to instability in the production process or failure in process control. Because aldehydes and/or acetals are usually not evenly distributed in the load port shore tank, it is not uncommon that samples taken from the same cargo tank at different time give different test results. Moreover, after being loaded on board, acetals would gradually convert into aldehydes during the voyage due to its unstable nature, which results in off-specification of aldehydes content upon arrival at discharging port.


We have obtained information and suggestions to ship owners by Oasis P&I Services Company Limited. For details, please find attached their circular.