Tianjin – Explosion at the warehouse

14 August 2015 No.756

Huatai Insurance Agency & Consultant Service Ltd, Tianjin Branch, our correspondents in China, have kindly provided the Association with information about the explosion at the warehouse in Tianjin.


The explosion happened in the dangerous cargo warehouse of Ruihai International Logistics company, which is located in the international logistics center of Tianjin port, around 3 miles away from the nearest terminal.  At around 2250hrs, fire was seen at the container warehouse, and shortly after caused the first explosion of the whole warehouse, which then caused the second explosion of the area including several nearby DGC container warehouses of other companies.  Serious property damages and personal losses have been reported. Currently the fire is still not fully extinguished.


Ship Movement

Having checked with local MSA, we understand that immediately after the explosion, i.e. 0100hrs on 13 Aug 2015, the port authorities suspended all movement of ships and port activities.  From 0700hrs of the same day, full restriction of port activities were lifted, however, until now, all movements of tankers and oil supply ships are still forbidden at all terminals.  North Port Terminal, the major container terminal in Tanggu, currently only allow ship departure and don’t accept ship entrance.


Port Activities

According to the port authorities, port loading and discharging activities are unaffected at most terminals, except Huisheng Terminal and TJ Port Pacific Int’l CT Co.  These two terminals are closer to the explosion site (one around 3.1 miles and the other 6.1 miles) and suffered relatively serious damages.  Being close to the explosion site, the traffic around these two terminals is held temporarily and the air is polluted by smokes and dusts caused by the explosion.


Ship Damages

According to Tianjin MSA, no serious damage to ships at ports have been reported.  Nevertheless, some ships at the terminals close to the explosion site such as Huisheng Terminal may have suffered some minor damages like glass breaking etc.


Vessels calling at Tianjin should check the most up-to-date information through the local agents.