International Group Reinsurance Programme for 2019/20 Policy Year

18 December 2018 No.18-013

We are pleased to announce that the International Group Reinsurance Programme for 2019/20 policy year has now been concluded.


  1. General Structure

The general structure of the International Group Reinsurance Programme for 2019/20 policy year is as follows (Four categories shown remain unchanged):


  • Club retention: US$10 million
  • Group retention: US$100 million
  • General Excess Loss Cover: US$2 billion (US$2 billion in excess of US$100 million)
  • Collective Overspill Cover: US$1 billion (US$1 billion in excess of US$2.1 billion)


Please see the attached diagramme for further details of the programme.


  1. Limits on the Cover

The following special limits on the Club covers for 2019/20 policy year are applied to the Owners’ entry:


  • Oil Pollution: US$1 billion
  • Passenger: US$2 billion
  • Passenger and Crew combined: US$3 billion


  1. The IG Reinsurance rates for 2019/20 policy year

The IG Reinsurance rates per GT for 2019/20 policy year, including the excess war risks cover and MLC reinsurance cover, are as follows:


2019 PY (US$/GT)

% change from 2018PY

Persistent Oil Tankers*



Clean Tankers



Dry Cargo Vessels



Passenger Vessels



*The “Dirty Tankers” category is renamed “Persistent Oil Tankers”. 


  1. Renewal overview

The loss experience of the reinsurance programme on the 2012/13 to 2018/19 (year to date) policy years remains acceptable to reinsurers, notwithstanding the claims development during the 2018/19 policy year. This factor, combined with continuing surplus market capacity, the consistently positive financial development of the Group captive, Hydra, and the effective use of multi-year private placements, has enabled the Group to achieve another satisfactory reinsurance renewal terms which results in a further year of reinsurance rate reductions across all vessel categories.