[Revised] Operation of Virtual AIS Aids to Navigation by Japan Coast Guard

11 October 2018 No.991

*Please note that the content of No.1 regarding Akashi Strait and Tomogashima Suido was incorrect. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and revise it as follows.


We have obtained information by Japan Coast Guard (JCG) that the operation of "Virtual AIS Aids to navigation"(V-AIS) officially start in the following areas.


  1. Akashi Strait and Tomogashima Suido
    JCG officially has started operation of V-AIS at Akashi Strait and Tomogashima Suido from 1 November 2015 after confirming effectiveness of demonstration experiment in V-AIS.


  1. Suo NADA & Iyo NADA
    6th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters started to conduct trial operation in Suo Nada and Iyo Nada on October, 2018. The trial operation at the recommended route using both actual Light buoys & V- AIS shall be continued for about 2 years. Please refer to the Notice (English ver. / Korean ver. / Chinese ver.) issued by JCG.