Argentina – Groundings at main channel “Paso Cortada Isla Nueva” in Parana River

1 May 2017 No.890
The Association has received the attached circular from Pandi Liquidadores S.R.L., our correspondent in Argentina, on the captioned matter.

According to information from the circular, as from 18th April 2017 the Navigational Authorities established as main channel the “PASO CORTADA ISLA NUEVA”, which goes from 335 km to 345 km of the Parana River, replacing the previous one which was round the island. And three groundings took place at a very similar location in a short period of the time.

There are many speculations about the cause of the groundings. It appears that the channel has not been updated on the charts yet. In addition, these incidents have been caused by the little experience of the Pilots in relation to this new passage for ocean going vessels. You can find the necessary information here:

With the effect of minimizing the risks and enabling a safer navigation, it is proposed and agreed to increase the navigational aids (buoys) of Paso Cortada Isla Nueva with Side green buoy at three points. 

Navigation vessel should sail cautiously and seek immediate instruction from CG’s traffic control through VHF prior passing through, if it’s necessary.

We hope it will be of help to you with regard to the safe voyaging.