Ukraine – Ballast Water Inspection Problems (4)

5 October 2016 No.849
We have obtained updated information on the captioned topic by our correspondent in Ukraine, DIAS Marine Consulting PC. Please find attached circular. Reportedly, the situation is becoming worse. 
As we have stated in our Japan P&I News(No.744, 767, 787, 838), despite the new Ukrainian law which cancelled the segregated ballast quality control on board ships, the local ecological inspectors are still trying to go on board vessels and exact bribes from the Master. It is recently noticed that in case Master rejects to provide the ecological inspectors with samples of the ship’s ballast water, they take port water around his ship and sample it. They then inform unsatisfactory result of its analysis to Harbour Master, which may cause the detention of the ship. As a result of it, Owners/Charterers may suffer absurd cost such as idle occupation of berth alleged by stevedoring companies.
The correspondents recommend that the ecological inspectors should not be allowed to take samples of the ballast and any ship’s documentation on the ballast operation. In case of any trouble on the captioned matter, please inform the P&I Correspondent immediately. Depending on the case, local lawyer may need to be appointed in order to help the situation.