Ukraine – Ballast Water Inspection Problems (2)

1 December 2015 No.787
We would like to draw your attention to the previous Japan P & I News No. 767 dated 11 September 2015.

We have received latest information about ecological news in Ukraine from our local correspondent, Legat Co. Ltd.
According to the correspondent, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine issued an Order No 953 dated 13th October 2015 has provided different amendments to the ecological and radiological legislation.

The main amendments are as follows:

  1. The ecological control will be carried out only in cases when the visible swimmer particles are coming out from the vessel and visible traces of the oil and other pollutants are on the sea surface which resulted actual water deterioration in the area of waste interception in comparison with the backgrounds in this area.
  2. The radiological control of the vessels canceled.
  3. The Orders comes into force after 30 days from the official publication.

Please also note that during recent period, the correspondent was involved into the incident at Nikolaev Nikatera terminal when authorities tried to blame the vessel for the alleged pollution, starting criminal investigation against the Master in order to have access on board for control ballast and other systems, checking log books etc and trying to prove that the vessel ballast is not isolated. The State prosecutor and police investigator also as some ecologists tried to press the vessel/ the Master.
The correspondent’s involvement prevented delay/arrest the vessel and losses of the Owners/Club.

It is recommendable for the Mater to contact our correspondents in Ukraine in order to dispatch surveyors or other suitable persons in case that Authorities, police, prosecutors, ecologist or any other persons try to access onboard for the reasons except the reason mentioned in the above 1 (in case that pollutant is actually spilled from the vessel).