4 March 2004 No.03-020
With regard to captioned issue, kindly refer to our circular No.03-018 dated 20 February 2004 titled "USA - NEW AUTOMATED MANIFEST SYSTEM REGULATIONS".

We have now been informed from our correspondent that CBP (U.S. Bureau of Customs and Boarder Protection) announced to postpone the implementation of the regulations for 30 days as grace period in case of bulk and break bulk vessels.

Members who may be concerned are guided accordingly.

For your easy reference, we will quote hereunder the relevant part of CBP announcement which is available on the column of FAQ of CBP website.


Bulk and Break Bulk Vessels (Including Passenger Vessels)- The CBP is aware of several bulk and break bulk carriers who because they are foreign entities, have been unable to secure an Activity Code 3 International Carriers bond by the automation deadline of March 4, 2004. Therefore, CBP will allow a period of informed compliance for 30 days from the March 4, 2004. On April 2, 2004, CBP will commence enforcement actions against carriers operating bulk and break bulk vessels that fail to comply with the Required Advance Electronic Presentation of Cargo Information Final Rule effective January 5, 2004. The enforcement actions include denial of preliminary entry, issuance of penalties at each port of arrival and denial of unlading.