China (Zhoushan Port)-Local government issued a guide to ship owners for bunkering at the five anchorages

26 April 2024 No.1270
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Local government of Zhoushan port issued a guide to ship owners for receiving bonded bunkers at Zhoushan port recently, introducing the coordinates, navigational requirement, anchoring requirement, meteorological restriction, and other useful information of the five main bunkering anchorages. We have obtained information by Oasis P&I Services Company Limited. For details, please find attached their circular.


The five anchorages include Xiazhimen North Anchorage, Tiaozhoumen Anchorage, Xiushan East Anchorage, Mazhi Anchorage and Qushan Temporary Anchorage. As there are many fishing vessels operating in these area, vessels intended to bunker at Zhoushan port are suggested to follow the recommended navigational routes, comply with the various requirements stated in the aforementioned guide, as well as other local regulations and international conventions, and keep watch at all times. Vessels are also suggested to contact their local ship agent in advance for detailed information and obtain guidance in case it is required.