Guinea-Ballast water discharge and fines at the Port of Conakry

6 March 2024 No.1261

We have obtained information on the precautions in discharging ballast water at the Conakry port, Guinea from AFRICA P&I Services, our correspondents in Guinea.


Guinea has ratified the MARPOL Convention, and in particular at the Conakry port, the local regulations The Police, Security and General Operating Regulations of the Port of Conakry require that the discharge of harmful substances into the water is prohibited, that ballasting operations are allowed subject to verification by the harbor master’s office or the competent authorities, and that in case of violation fines equivalent to 150% of the vessel’s disbursement account will be imposed.


In the past, there have been cases reported that ballast and de-ballast operation without permissions in the Conakry port area resulted in the imposition of fines by the authorities for violating regulation, The Police, Security and General Operating Regulations of the Port of Conakry.


Members are asked to note the following:


  • All de-ballasting operation even ballast water loaded in Guinean territorial water may be required to get a permission in accordance with such regulation
  • Once imposed, the fine can easily reach to very high amount
  • It can also affect Club Cover if appropriate measures for preventing fines are not taken

For details, please find the attached circular.