China-Navigation Restricted Areas of Miaodao Archipelago in Bohai Sea

8 November 2023 No.1246
There have been cases where vessels passing through the navigation restricted areas of Miaodao Archipelago have been ordered by MSA to stop for investigation when calling at Tianjin, Qinhuangdao, Jingtang, Longkou and other ports around the Bohai Bay. Miaodao Archipelago in the Bohai sea area is a restricted area where merchant vessels are not allowed to navigate except through the Laotieshan channel and/or the Changshan Channel. The vessel will not be allowed to departure until the investigation is completed, and owners and the crew members may be subject to penalties in case the violation is confirmed by MSA. In addition, there are possibilities of causing damages to fishery farms in the restricted area. We have obtained information on the restricted areas by Oasis P&I Services Company Limited. For details, please find attached their circular.