Venezuela-Impact arising from Heavy Rains

1 June 2023 No.1225

We have received the information below from our local correspondent, VENEPANDI.


According to information provided by the INAMEH, National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology, the Venezuelan maritime sector could face some important impacts due to draft restrictions and other related implications as a result of the arrival of the tropical cyclone season and above-average precipitation associated with the “La Nina” phenomenon.


The tropical cyclone season is starting from 1 June. It has a significant impact on maritime navigation, as adverse weather and nautical conditions such as strong winds and swells can limit the draft and hinder the safe operation of vessels in Venezuelan ports.


The “La Nina” phenomenon is already causing above-average rainfall in Venezuela. Intense rain can cause an increase in the flow of rivers and the sedimentation of navigation channels, which will significantly reduce the draft, particularly in the ports along the Orinoco River. This may even disrupt loading operations, ultimately impacting the capacity of Venezuelan ports to admit and facilitate the transit of large vessels.


If you have any plans to call Venezuela and surrounding countries, please be cautious to this point.