Conflicts in Ukraine (No.4)

15 March 2022 No.1156

We would like to report the latest updates in Ukraine and Russia. As to the former relative information, please refer to our Japan P&I News No.1155 dated 8 March 2022.



Martial law still has been introduced in Ukraine and there is a curfew. All Ukrainian Ports are closed.




Russian ports continue their normal operations, but Azov Sea is closed. The local correspondents reported that the Azov Sea and a North-east area of Black Sea are unsafe for vessels. Naval exercises are in force near to Kerch Strait. Traffic may be restricted in Crimea bridge area. The Russian government suspends all international flights and restricts flights in South Russia.


Not only UK but also Canada banned port access to Russian-flagged, registered, owned, controlled, chartered, or operated vessels. It is necessary to be aware that EU Parliament adopted a resolution to refuse calls of ships whose last or next port of call is in the Russian Federation, except in the case of necessary justified humanitarian reasons, while this is no sanctions. After EU Committee adopts the resolution, it will have an effect as a sanction. The Committee has not adopted the resolution yet, but it is important to keep monitoring the progress of this matter.


Sanctions applied to some of Russian banks by the US, EU and UK. These countries are restricting the sale, supply, transfer or export of military goods, dual-use goods, critical industry goods and technology. Regarding the sanction to Russia by EU, please refer to Japan P&I News No.1152 and No.1153 dated 4 March 2022. On 8 and 11 March  2022, the US announced a latest list of goods, which are banned to export and to import from Russia.


On the other hand, the Russian Government issues a list of countries which performs unfriendly actions against Russia. Japan is listed in the list. If Russian citizens and companies, the state itself pay over 10 million Russian roubles per month or equal amount in foreign currency, they have liabilities and obligations to settle it in Russian roubles. The Russian Ministry issued a recommendation for Russian exporters of fertilizers to reduce their export volume. Also, the Russian Government released a list of commodities, which are prohibited for export outside of Russia. Grain and sugar cargoes are banned to export from Russia until the end of the August, 2022.


Presently there are no particular restrictions for Ukrainian seafarers in respect of immigration control. Shore leave is not available due to present COVID-19 precautionary measures. Making public calls for extremism and terrorism acts on social media platforms, the internet or in person are punishable. The person's nationality is irrelevant for committing this crime.


Please note that the change of local situation is so unforeseeable, that the above is to be updated accordingly. It is highly recommended for members to check the latest information at the time of vessel’s calling through local agents in Ukraine.