China-Reporting to the Maritime Administrations when Entering the Territorial Sea

1 September 2021 No.1133

We have received the following information from our local correspondent in China, Oasis P&I Services Company Limited.


Maritime Safety Administration of the People’s Republic of China (MSA) issued a notice on 27 August 2021 stating that in accordance with the Maritime Traffic Safety Law, vessels of foreign nationality that fall into below mentioned categories shall report to the maritime administrations when entering the territorial sea of China;


  1. Submersibles
  2. Nuclear powered vessels;
  3. Ships carrying radioactive materials
  4. Ships carrying bulk oil, chemicals, liquefied gas and other toxic and harmful substances
  5. Other vessels that may endanger the maritime traffic safety of the P.R.China prescribed by laws, administrative regulations or provisions of the State Council


*Please check with local agents as to the details of (5).


If the automatic identification system (AIS) does not work properly, additional information shall be reported every two hours until the vessel leaves China's territorial sea.


The reporting requirements will come into effect on 1 September 2021.


If categorized vessels violate the notice, the MSA shall impose a fine of not less than RMB50,000 nor more than RMB500,000 upon the owner, operator or manager of the vessel in violation of the law, and impose a fine of not less than RMB10,000 nor more than RMB30,000 upon the master.


For further details, please refer to the attached circular issued by the local correspondent.