Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)-Request from Singapore Harbour Pilots

3 July 2020 No.1083

Please kindly be advised that we have received attached letter from PSA Marine (Pte) Ltd. Singapore Harbour Pilots have been taking precautionary measures including monitoring daily temperature, wearing mask, etc., and also encourage all ship masters/crew to join them in their efforts to fight COVID-19 by adopting the following practices when pilots board ships:


  1. Inform Singapore Harbour Pilot if there is unwell crew onboard or deviation from the health declaration to the relevant authorities
  2. Avoid shaking hands and adopt contactless greetings method
  3. Receive Singapore Harbour Pilot at pilot ladder or gangway by essential crew only

    (these crew to don surgical masks)

  4. Have only essential crew on the bridge and for them to don surgical masks
  5. Practise social distancing of at least 1 metre or 2 arm’s length
  6. Open bridge’s door for ventilation
  7. Sanitise bridge equipment such as binocular, VHF telephony regularly and before Singapore Harbour Pilot boards the ship
  8. Make available hand sanitiser/soap on the bridge
  9. Allows Singapore Harbour Pilot to use the elevator whenever possible
  10. Avoid bodily disinfectant spraying
  11. Provide food or water Singapore Harbour Pilot in a proper package with pre-packed sanitised utensils