Recent Ports Information of Iran and Surrounding Countries

10 January 2020 No.1050

Tensions between the U.S.A. and Iran are rising, and the latest information of the area that we have got from our local correspondents* are as follows;


As of 12:00 (JST) of 9 January 2020, the ports in Iran, UAE, Oman, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are operated normally and no sea blockade has been carried out by surrounding countries. In addition, the Authorities have not issued any circular or notification regarding the safety or navigational issues for vessels so far.


However, tensions in the Middle Eastern area increase drastically. Vessels calling or planning to call the area are advised to exercise extreme caution.


Please note that the change of local situation is so unforeseeable, that the above is to be updated accordingly.



*Iran:  Sea Pars Shipping Services Ltd.
*The Middle Eastern countries:

Gulf Agency Company L.L.C.

Mutual Marine Services Al Mushtaraka Ltd.