Alterations to the Rules of the Association

21 January 2019 No.18-015

To the Members

As described in our circular of 27 November 2018 (No.18-011), the following alterations to the Rules of the Association (the "Rules") will become effective from 12 noon GMT on 20 February 2019 for the 2019 Policy Year.  The amendments are explained below, and extracts of the relevant provisions are attached hereto.



Rule 20.2(3) (Liabilities in Respect of Passengers)

This alteration is to make it clear that the Association covers the liabilities and costs which are incurred in an act of tort, in accordance with an amendment to Pooling Agreement of the International Group of P&I Clubs (IG).



Rule 34.1, 2 & 3 (Deductibles)

This alteration clarifies the rule that the Association shall deduct any amounts as agreed between the association and the member, no matter whether the insurance contract is with fixed sum insured or not.



Rule 47 (Matters Not Stipulated in the Rules)

This alteration changes the rule on jurisdiction in order to clarify that it complies with Japanese law.



Appendix – Overspill Claims and Calls 1.1

This alteration changes the definition of the phrase “Convention Limit”, which is used to calculate overspill calls, in accordance with an amendment to the IG Pooling Agreement.



A Rule Book for the 2019 Policy Year is scheduled to be delivered to Members in early February 2019.