Turkey Situation

19 July 2016 No.829

We have obtained the following information on the captioned topic by our correspondents in Turkey, Kalimbassieris Maritime A.S. According to them, everything is getting normal. Marine business has not been affected from this matter.


= QT=
Dear All,

A short update on the current status in Turkey following the military coup attempt and events experienced overnight:

Turkish straits at Bosporus and Dardanelles are fully operational.

The repair activity in Tuzla area remains unaffected and continues normally.

The country ports operate normally as well, we are not aware of any known abnormalities.

The airports of Istanbul operated since the morning however our latest information is that flights are again massively cancelled, therefore travelling remains not uneventful.

We will revert with further updates.

Kind Regards
Cengiz Iseri
Kalimbassieris Maritime A.S.



To avoid unnecessary troubles, we recommend you to contact local agents in order to get the latest information and follow the instruction / advice of the relevant authorities.

We hope it will be of help to you with regard to the safe voyaging.